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Fall Move-In

Fall Move In Information – 2017

Residents with a Fall 2017 space assignment will move in on the following dates and times:

Jumpstart (All Participants)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

9 AM – 1 PM

Suites Apartments (Sequoia, Juniper, and Tamalpais):

Friday, September 15, 2017

9 AM – 11 AM

Tamalpais 1st Floor & 4th Floor

Sequoia 1st Floor & 4th Floor

Juniper 1st Floor & 4th Floor

1 PM – 3 PM

Tamalpais 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor

Sequoia 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor

Juniper 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor

General Move In:

Sunday, September 17, 2017

9 AM – 11 AM

Calaveras 1st Floor & 3rd Floor

Coloma 1st Floor & 3rd Floor

Sierra 1st Floor & 3rd Floor

Sonora 1st Floor & 3rd Floor

Shasta 1st Floor & 4th Floor

Diablo 1st Floor & 4th Floor

UV 1st Floor & 3rd Floor

1 PM – 3 PM

Calaveras 2nd Floor

Coloma 2nd Floor

Sierra 2nd Floor

Sonora 2nd Floor

Shasta 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor

Diablo 2nd Floor & 3rd Floor

UV 2nd Floor

For a checklist of what to bring, click here!


Please note that dates and times are subject to change. Please check this page and your campus email regularly for updated move-in information.

After Hours, or Non-Move In Days Information

Residents who plan to move in outside (after) the main move in days listed above must go directly to their building/area desk to check in. Check In times will occur from 8pm-10pm.

Your final opportunity to check-in will be Tuesday, September 20, 2017 from 8PM-10 PM.

One of our Resident Assistants (RA) will meet you to assist with the check-in process. You must complete the check-in process by Tuesday, September 20 by 10 pm. If you are unable to check in by the deadline, please contact the Housing Office at or call (510) 885-7444.

Early Arrivals

Some students need to move-in early for various reasons including athletic and leadership involvement, or working on campus. Students must be approved to move in earlier than the official opening of the residential communities. Early arrivals will only be accommodated for through a campus administrator so to verify the early move in the request. Additional charges may apply. For more information on the Early Arrivals process, please contact the Housing Office at or call (510) 885-7444.

Before You Arrive

Online Roommate Agreement

It is important to get to know your apartment mates before move in and talk about things like apartment cleaning, study time, etc… The Roommate Agreement will get you started, Log into the Housing Portal and select the Roommate Agreement to get started.

Mail and Address:

New Residents will be issued a mailbox number and a combination, or key if you live in University Village at Check-In. This information will be sent to you via your horizon e-mail account. This mailbox will be your mailing address for your entire stay in Pioneer Heights. If you change apartments during the year, or from year to year, this mailbox never changes. Your new mailing address will include this mailbox number and all future mail should be addressed as follows:

First Name, Last Name

1901 Harder Road, Box # <your mailbox number>

Hayward, CA 94542

**Please note that, at the mailing address above, the “Box” number is your mailbox number and NOT your room or apartment number!**

Please do not mail items to Pioneer Heights prior to move in. Due to the amount of mail we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to hold packages for future residents.  The mailroom will be open during the move-in weekend.

Bay Card:

The CSUEB Bay Card is used both on Campus and in Housing for a variety of different services. Residents of Pioneer Heights must have a special Housing Bay Card to access their suite/apartment, laundry room, and community rooms. New residents, who did not receive a Bay Card at Orientation, will be able to pick up their Housing Bay Card at Check In. Returning residents can continue to use their existing cards. Your card will begin to give you access to your room/apartment/suite upon check in. For more information about the Bay Card, please visit our Bay Card website.

Cable TV Equipment:

Residents living in University Village receive Direct TV. In each UV apartment, there is one Direct TV receiver. All other residents will be able to receive the new Comcast / X-Finity Campus service. This service can be received through resident’s smart phones, tablets, and computers. Residents that would like to use a traditional TV, additional equipment is required, such as:

  • A Roku Device (more Information at
  • A Roku Enabled Smart TV
  • Apple TV (more information at

There will be a limited number of Roku units available for checkout at the Access office in Lassen Rec.

Please Note: The new Comcast / Xfinity service is currently being installed and going through its testing process. It is our expectation to have the service ready for Fall Move. We will make every effort to inform residents if this date changes.

Getting to the University:

All buildings with the exception of University Village are located at:

1901 Harder Road

Hayward, California 94542

The University Village is located at:

25300 Carlos Bee Blvd

Hayward, CA 94542

For directions from your current location, please consult a mapping system, such as Google Maps. Written driving locations are here on the Campus Website.

When you arrive:

Students Living in Sequoia, Juniper, Tamalpais, Shasta, Diablo, Coloma, Calaveras, Sierra, or Sonora:

When you arrive for your check in time, it is recommended that you enter the University from Carlos Bee Blvd. Take the entrance to Parking Lot C, which is the first right after the stop sign and welcome kiosk. Upon entering the lot, you will reach the Vehicle Check In Area. Here, you will receive information on:

·         Locations to unload and park your vehicle after checking in

·         A Parking Pass

·         A 15-minute unloading pass

You will then proceed as recommended by the Vehicle Check-In Staff to parking and/or unloading areas.

Please Note: Once you have unloaded your vehicle, it is strongly recommended that you park in the RAW center parking (across the street from Tamalpais), the adjacent Lot D (Next to the RAW center Parking), or in parking lot C1. This will help with traffic congestion while others unload their vehicles.

Residents Living at University Village:

The University Village can be entered from either direction from Carlos Bee Blvd.  Residents should enter the parking lot from the traffic light and park in the UV Parking Lot. Check-In will be in the quad area outside the main entrance.

Move-In Assistance

We have two helpful offerings to assist with your smooth and timely move-in process.

*Dollies- There will be complimentary dollies available for use during the scheduled move-in times (available first come, first serve.). We will be asking for you to leave a form of ID and a cell phone number so that we can contact you should you go over the allotted usage time. You will only be able to check out the dolly for 20-30 minutes at a time. Thus, we encourage you to bring your own dolly if you need to use one for an extended period of time.

*Move-In Volunteers- There will be a number of volunteers from various campus clubs, organizations, and departments to help move your belongings and answer questions.

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