Frequently Asked Questions

How will my major or minor department be notified that I filed for graduation?
It is your responsibility to inform your major and minor departments that you have filed for graduation. The departments will then begin the major and minor check process to certify that you have completed all graduation requirements.

If I don't finish all my degree requirements in the term in which I filed, what should I do?
Once you file for graduation, the filing is valid for three quarters after the term in which you filed. However, in order to be able to enroll for courses after the term in which you filed, you must send an e-mail message from your Horizon account to requesting an update of your graduation to a future quarter. After the third term, you would need to request that your graduation be cancelled, and then submit a new application for graduation. If you do update your term of graduation it is permanent and you will not be able to move it back.

In addition, you must move your quarter of graduation ahead prior to the registration appointments being set in order to receive priority registration (for students who have 150 earned units).

Can I complete work after the term has ended, but still graduate in that same term?

No, all coursework, tests, and required assignments must be completed by the last day of the term to qualify for graduation in that term.

Can grades be changed after a degree is conferred?
No grade may be changed once graduation has been recorded unless an error has been made, in which case students have one term after their degree has been awarded to dispute the grade and have it corrected, or if a fairness petition has resulted in a grade change.

What name will appear on my diploma once I graduate?
The name you have on record with the University will appear on your diploma. If you wish to request an official name change, please download and submit the Personal Data Change form with appropriate documentation. The form has detailed instructions.

Where will my diploma be mailed?
Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address on file with the University. You may change your permanent address yourself in MyCSUEB.

For questions, whom can I contact?
Contact your department for major or minor check requirements. For other questions, please send a notice by e-mail from your Horizon e-mail account to, or call the Office of the Registrar at (510) 885-2784.

To contact your department, call University General Information at (510) 885-3000.

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