Electronic Forms

There are many student records forms available to students on the MyCompass forms website and the website will indicate whether the form is an electronic form (eForm) or a PDF (paper form).  eForms will electronically route for approvals once forms are submitted online. Please make sure to review and follow the instructions listed on each individual form.  

Once a form is submitted a student can view the status of their electronic form submission by selecting the “Submitted Forms” tab on the MyCompass forms website. Students select ‘View Details” next to a particular form to view the form status and approval history, including any approvals the form is currently awaiting. Specific approver emails will be listed. If a form is canceled or declined by any approver, the reason for canceling the form will be listed in the Canceled/Denied Reasons section under “View Details”. 

If a form needs to be submitted by a specific deadline, it is the student’s responsibility to review the submitted form status and make sure the form is received by the Office of the Registrar by the stated deadline. Deadlines are listed on the Important Dates website. 

  1. Go to the CSUEB staff website
  2. Under 'Staff Tools' on the right hand side, select "AdobeSign"
  3. On AdobeSign page, sign in with your csueastbay.edu email and ‘continue’
  4. On the CSUEB AdobeSign page select the ‘Manage’ tab which automatically defaults to displaying forms “waiting for you” to approve.
  5. If you are searching for a particular student’s form, you can look at the title of the form to find the form for the one you are looking for, or use the search feature at the top right to search for the form by the student’s name, EMPL or Net ID.  
  6. When you find the form you are looking for, you can open it and approve it.