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Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center

Welcome to the newly created Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center!

It is an incredible opportunity to bring together culture, heritage, language, education, and success all in one space. Cal State East Bay committed to Equity and Diversity through its commitment to opening four brand-new Student Success and Resource Centers for students to find support, community, and thrive in their academic success: the Black Student Success Center, the Latinx Student Success Center, the Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center, and the Undocumented Student Resource Center.


The Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center (APISSC) uses a holistic approach to strengthen an environment that values culture, identity, social change, and transformational experiences to promote social, cultural and academic success at Cal State East Bay. The APISSC was created to acknowledge the unique needs of our API students and to create opportunities for personal growth, leadership, cultural awareness, community building, and the development of constructive social change.


These guiding principles are designed to use healing centered engagement to help students explore their personal agency to maximize their ability to create an positive impact on campus and in the community. We use these guiding principles to help guide the work that we engage in.  

Interpersonal Relationships

Building intentional cultural, cross-cultural and cross-generational relationships that upholds than value and dignity of all people is foundational to the work that we do. 


Building trust and confidence in students to help them believe in their ability and capacity to achieve their hopes, goals, and dreams. 

Community Building

Engaging intentionally with others to build a community of support within diverse communities that increase the visibility and intersectional representation of cultures and identities. 

Cultural Competence

Developing cultural awareness, knowledge, and empathy to foster holistic academic experiences of students. 

Academic Success

Integrating and fostering academic succeeds through social, cultural and academic engagement that allows students to thrive inside and outside of the classroom. 

Transformational Leadership

Fostering opportunities for students to believe in their power and using their influence to create in individuals and social systems. 

Social Justice and Advocacy

Engaging and working towards equity and access for all students and working collaboratively with other groups to stand in solidarity and action at both the individual and institutional levels. 

Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center

DISC & Affinity Centers
  • 25800 Carlos Bee Boulevard
  • New University Union | UU 1005
  • Hayward, CA 94542