Meet the Team

APISSC Staff | 2023–2024


Marie Alexandra R. Ibarra, M.A.

Pronouns: She/Her

Coordinator, Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center

Phone: (510) 885-2840

  • Michigan State University | Master of Arts, Student Affairs Administration (Higher, Adult & Lifelong Education
  • Cal State East Bay (2015) | Bachelor of Arts, Theatre Arts with a Concentration in Musical Theatre

Marie is #ForeverPioneer. She shares a range of experience working with diverse student populations: from international affairs in Japan, supporting K-12 leadership development and special needs students, as well as contributing to postsecondary academic support services from the Midwest to the West Coast (e.g., writing centers and resources, first-year and first generation student experiences, undocumented/DACAmented communities, and transfer student programs). She strives to support the holistic development of students in the face of adversity and oppressive institutional structures, and works to further empower students to believe in themselves and their strengths.


Aerielle (Air) Ulip

Pronouns: they/she

APISSC Student Assistant

Major: Health Science

Hobbies: Thrifting, painting & plants

Job Career Goal: Nutrition & Healthcare

Cultural Identity: Filipino

Language(s): English

What does it mean to be a Pioneer of Color? 
Being a POC Pioneer at Cal State East Bay reassures me that I have a space and community to become my most authentic self. Especially with our school’s title of being one of the most diverse CSU’s in the country, I love the experience East Bay brings to me. I have found myself learning more about my cultural roots, gaining meaningful relationships, and utilizing my platform to give back to my API communities during my college years here.


Michelle Vang

Pronouns: she/her

APISSC Student Assistant

Major: Business Administration (Concentration: Marketing Management)

Hobbies: Painting, listening to music, and playing games

Job Career Goal: To open my own clothing business that incorporates the Hmong culture in daily wear like modern traditional Hmong clothes that can be worn on a day-to-day basis

Cultural Identity: Hmong

Language(s): Hmong and English

What does it mean to be a Pioneer of Color? 
For me, being a Pioneer of Color means challenging the unknown as we will never know what may be put in front of us. I understand that it is sometimes hard to fit in with others, but it does not mean that no one is like me. There will be people that are in the same situation as me, and I know that each of us will try our best to go against these challenges that are put in front of us whether that be stereotypes or set standards based on our color. Being a Pioneer of Color is something that I am proud to be a part of, and I feel that it is something I can use to my advantage as I will not look at it as a roadblock in my path, but as something that will allow me to grow from as a person who may be different from others.


Deepansh Malviya

Pronouns: he/him

APISSC Student Assistant

Major: Business Analytics

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, music

Job Career Goal: Data Analyst

Cultural Identity: Indian

Language(s): Hindi and English

What does it mean to be a Pioneer of Color? As a Pioneer of Color, I embrace the opportunity to learn from the diverse community at Cal State East Bay, enriching my perspective and deepening my understanding of the world around me. I draw valuable lessons from my fellow Pioneers, using these insights to carve out a space where I can confidently grow as an individual. The CSUEB community provides me with both new experiences and challenges that help me understand myself better.