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Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center

Community Support for Maui

The Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center and the Pacific Islander Asian American Program are encouraging community members to support those directly affected by the wildfires in Lahaina, Maui. On-campus collection has paused, but monetary donations are encouraged.

WHAT HAPPENED IN MAUI? On Aug 8, 2023, tragedy in the form of wildfires struck the town of Lahaina, Maui. Nearly 98% of the town has been destroyed, 89 confirmed lives lost, thousands of families displaced, businesses and schools completely damaged, and the fires have still not been contained in other parts of the island.

HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT? Make a monetary donation.

Welcome to Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center!

It is an incredible opportunity to bring together culture, heritage, language, education, and success all in one space. Cal State East Bay committed to Equity and Diversity through its commitment to opening four brand-new Student Success and Resource Centers established in 2022 for students to find support, community, and thrive in their academic success: the Black Student Success Center, the Latinx Student Success Center, the Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center, and the Undocumented Student Resource Center.


The Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center (APISSC) uses a holistic approach to strengthen an environment that values culture, identity, social change, and transformational experiences to promote social, cultural and academic success at Cal State East Bay. The APISSC was created to acknowledge the unique needs of our API students and to create opportunities for personal growth, leadership, cultural awareness, community building, and the development of constructive social change.


These guiding principles are designed to use healing centered engagement to help students explore their personal agency to maximize their ability to create an positive impact on campus and in the community. We use these guiding principles to help guide the work that we engage in.  



Asian Pacific Islander Student Success Center

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