Our Clinical Team

Zachary Pietrantoni, Ph.D., NCC, LSC, MBTI® Certified

Professor - Counseling
Director, Community Counseling Clinic

Greg Jennings, PhD

Educational Psychology Department Chair, Professor

Dr. Jennings’ current research and professional interests are in students’ resiliency, the marked capacity of individuals to cope with and overcome setbacks and stressors. He has presented nationally on the role of the school psychologist in promoting student coping and resources through family, school, and community systems. Current research focuses on individual, school, and family sources of resiliency among diverse, urban youth. Dr. Jennings teaches courses in mental health consultation, individual development, assessment, delivery of school psychology services, and supervision. He consults as a school psychologist in the Bay Area.

Jack Davis, PhD


Dr. Davis has worked in the public schools, a community psychology clinic, and an HMO Psychiatry Department.He has taught at UC Davis and CSU Fullerton and served as Clinical Director of an Institute that specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children and adults with learning disorders. His research and writing interests are in the areas of learning disorders, mental health consultation, crisis intervention and prevention, and the impact of systems on people.

Kristin Porter, LMFT


Ms. Porter has 20+ years experience working with families, couples and individuals; healing traumas, mending relationships, reducing depression, anxiety and addiction and supporting personal growth.

Oahn Tran, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Tran has experience working with diverse and at-risk populations in public and nonpublic schools as well as residential, foster care, outpatient, and in-home settings. Dr. Tran's research and professional interests include promoting social and emotional learning, academic and behavioral consultation and assessment, special education, response to intervention, positive behavioral supports, and parent-training. She has presented locally and nationally and has published articles, chapters, and prevention curricula in the area of children's mental health. Dr. Tran collaborates with schools and communities to enhance academic and emotional learning for K-12 students.