Commercial Services

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Commercial Services is responsible for developing and overseeing commercial activities on-campus to ensure they are aligned with the University's mission and create an environment that enriches the campus community.

The department oversight includes commercials, vending machines, pouring rights, ATMs, and daily vendor permitting.

The University has 3 ATMs on-campus.

  • Chase Bank - Located outside the Starbucks.
  • Bank of America - Located outside the Bookstore.
  • Wells Fargo - Located outside the Pioneer Kitchen.

The Pioneer Bookstore is a contracted service through Follet so they are responsible for staffing and operating the bookstore.

Dining Services is a contracted service through Chartwells(Compass Group) so all venues are staffed and operated by Chartwells.

Our exclusive agreement for all beverage pouring rights is currently with Pepsi and will be transitioning to Coca-Cola in Summer 2021.

Snack and beverage vendors are located around campus. Canteen vending services maintain the coffee, snack, and food machines. Pepsi maintains the bottled beverage machines.

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Commercial Services
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