Contract & Provisions

a. LICENSEE shall provide one adult designated as the On-Site Coordinator who will be responsible for the on-site housing coordination and full payment of the total reservation charges. This On-Site Coordinator will be available to act as contact for problems, answer questions, and provide verification of participants. This On-Site Coordinator is required to lodge with the group in the assigned building for the entire length of stay and must be able and available throughout the duration of the stay to communicate with the Conference Housing Services staff.

b. The LICENSEE is responsible for and shall provide adequate adult supervision for all of its individual participants who are under 18 years of age. Emergency contact information for all participants under 18 years of age must be collected by the On-Site Coordinator and be available to Conference Housing Services staff upon request in case of emergency.

c. LICENSEE shall provide adequate adult supervision to ensure that all participants in attendance act in accordance with all applicable federal, state, county, and city laws. In addition, all participants must act in accordance with the University Rules, Policies, and Procedures in effect at CSUEB. The LICENSEE and On-Site Coordinator will, along with the adult supervisors, be responsible for all behavioral concerns that may occur.

d. The On-Site Coordinator must accompany all group participants to meals hosted within the Dining Commons.

a. Guests of the LICENSEE and its participants are not permitted to stay overnight.

b. Family member(s) accompanying participants are required to have their own bed space and will be charged the full daily rate.

c. CSU reserves the right to eject, or cause to be ejected, from the facility any objectionable person or persons, and neither the CSU nor their officers, employees, or representatives shall be liable to LICENSEE for any damages sustained by the ejectment.

a. No alcoholic beverages are to be sold or given away or brought on premises without a valid Alcoholic Beverage Control permit. LICENSEE is responsible to abide by all applicable California state laws. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed within the apartments by LICENSEE and guests 21 years of age or older. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in public areas, including, but not limited to, lounges, studies, the dining commons, laundry rooms, swimming pools, courtyards, and other exterior grounds, and public intoxication is prohibited. Compliance is the responsibility of the LICENSEE.

b. The possession, use, manufacture, distribution, or dispensation of an illegal controlled substance is prohibited in or on any property owned or controlled by CSU. As CSU is subject to certain federal legal requirements, the possession or use of marijuana in any form, even with a medical marijuana card, is prohibited on property owned or controlled by CSU.

c. Individuals and/or organizations that fail to abide by CSU’s policy and regulations governing the use of alcohol and/or other drugs shall be subject to strict penalties such as fines and/or removal from CSU’S property. Should CSU find subsequent evidence that supervisors participated in events involving alcohol and/or other drug consumption at any time during the conference, the LICENSEE will be restricted from holding future programs on campus.

a. It is the responsibility of the LICENSEE to provide adequate adult supervision in accordance with all Conference Housing Services Agreement and CSUEB Protection of Minors (POM) policies and guidelines.

b. Adult live-in supervisors are required for all conferences with guests under eighteen (18) years of age. These supervisors must be dispersed evenly throughout the residence hall(s) following the minimum guidelines listed below where minor guests are being housed. LICENSEE will assure that the following minimum staff to minor ratios will be in force at all designated times.

Participants Chart
Participant Age Number of Staff Number of Overnight Participants Number of Day One Participants
4-5 1 5 6
6-8 1 6 8
9-14 1 8 10
15-17 1 10 12

c. A parent or guardian will suffice as a supervisor of their own child(ren).

d. LICENSEE represents and warrants that all supervisors of minors have been adequately screened through reference checks and criminal background checks. LICENSEE agrees to provide documentation if requested.

e. LICENSEE shall also assure ahead of time that they have conducted staff training prior to the commencement of the program, to include orientation with abuse recognition and prevention, as well as develop procedures that address direct adult-minor contact such as bathroom procedures, transportation procedures, overnight procedures and transition or "down-time" periods.

f. Supervisors are expected to accompany and supervise minor guests, always, as they travel from area to area on campus.

g. Supervisors will act as a liaison between Conference Housing Staff and the minor guest in the event of discipline, noise and/or destructive behavior.

h. Failure to provide proper supervision and security will result in strict penalties up to and including revocation of the campus privilege.

i. An on-call list of supervisors, who are responsible for handling emergencies, discipline, etc., must be provided to the Conference Housing Coordinator at least forty-five (45) days prior to arrival. This list must cover all time periods beginning at the time of check-in and concluding at the time of check-out.

a. If eating in the Dining Commons, no food, dishes or utensils can be removed from or brought into the Dining Commons. All food must be eaten in the Dining Commons. Participants are required to bus their dishes and accompanying trash.

b. A participant must present their meal card to Food Services Employee(s) for each meal. If a meal card is not presented to Food Services Staff, participant can purchase the meal using another form of payment.

c. Permitting others to use meal card for improperly gaining access to scheduled meal services is prohibited. Assisting unauthorized persons to gain access to scheduled meal services or using a meal card in violation of the Conference Housing Services Agreement is prohibited. Meal cards found to be in the possession of an unauthorized user will be confiscated and may result in additional charges and/or penalties.

d. At time of check-in, the On-Site Coordinator will be required to sign out for a Dining Commuter Card if requested by group. The purpose of the Dining Commuter Card is to serve as the meal card for any participants commuting for the conference and not staying in overnight accommodations (such as day-only participants, teachers, presenters, faculty, staff, or special guests). The Dining Commuter card allows their entrance to the scheduled meal service and must be swiped for each meal per commuter participant. It is the responsibility of the On-Site Coordinator that the Dining Commuter Card is used for its intended purpose and not in circumstances involving, but not limited to, where a participant has lost or forgotten his or her meal card. All charges for meals on the Dining Commuter Card will appear on the final invoice. All charges must be paid and cannot be contested.

e. Food fights, trashing tables, and any other disruptive behavior is not permitted. Participants must comply with reasonable requests of Food Services and Conference Housing Services staff while participating in scheduled meal services.

Sample Meal Service Times (subject to change)

f. Meal Service Times are as follows
i. Breakfast: 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. (Monday – Friday)
ii. Brunch: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (Saturday and Sunday only)
iii. Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (Monday – Friday)
iv. Dinner: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (Sunday – Saturday)

Meal services must be outlined as required meals in the “COST DETAILS” section of this AGREEMENT

a. To maintain the safety and security of the residential facility, it is crucial that missing or stolen keys are reported immediately.

b. LICENSEE, not the participants, will be billed $25.00 per key card, $50.00 per metal key, and $50.00 per key FOB that needs to be replaced during stay or which is not returned prior to departure.

i. No refund or adjustments will be made to invoice for late key returns.

c. Master key card may be requested no less than forty-five (45) day prior to arrival. Master key cards will only be issued to On-Site Coordinator.

ii. Requests submitted less than forty-five (45) days will be considered at the discretion of the Conference Housing Coordinator.

d. Keys will only be issued to overnight participants.

a. Any rental or space reservations of Non-Housing Facilities must be booked through the Office of University Scheduling & Facilities Reservations prior to the event.

b. LICENSEE is prohibited from the moving and/or removal of furniture or equipment within the reserved space. Only Conference Housing Services staff or Student Housing and Residence Life staff are permitted to do so with authorization from the Conference Housing Coordinator.

c. Room set-up information must be provided to the Conference Housing Coordinator no less than 45 (forty-five) days prior to arrival date

d. Upon entering the space, the On-Site Coordinator and Conference Housing Services staff will jointly inspect the reserved space assigned to the LICENSEE and identify any existing space discrepancies.

e. It is the responsibility of the LICENSEE to ensure all trash (including but not limited to wall decorations, balloons, confetti, streamers, etc.) is picked up from the floor, tables, and furniture and put into provided trash receptacles. Additionally, all items and supplies are removed by the LICENSEE upon vacating the space.

f. At the end of the reservation time, the On-Site Coordinator and Conference Housing Services staff will conduct an assessment. Any damages, cleaning requirements, or missing items will be identified, and costs billed as part of final invoice to LICENSEE.

g. CSU has a limited supply of sport and recreational equipment. Any sport or recreational equipment, including board games, not returned in their entirety to the Conference Housing Services by 12am midnight on the date of check-out will incur a late fee of $10 per night. Equipment not returned after the LICENSEE has vacated will incur a $50 replacement fee or the amount accumulated from daily late fees, whichever is higher. Any equipment returned damaged or missing pieces will incur a replacement fee of not less than $25. Any equipment requested that CSU is unable to provide will be purchased at the expense of the LICENSEE.

h. One power strip and one extension cord will be included with each audio/visual equipment use. All equipment will be assessed for damage after each use.

a. All participants who will be parking a vehicle on the California State University, East Bay campus must have a parking permit. LICENSEE must request parking permits forty-five (45) days prior to arrival. Any requests made after this time are with the understanding that permits are not guaranteed by the time of arrival and risk receipt of a citation.

b. Permits will be issued to the On-Site Coordinator at check-in. On-Site Coordinator will be responsible for distribution.

c. Permits must be placed in vehicle immediately and remain placed during the remainder of the stay.

d. Participants must adhere to all California State University, East Bay parking policies and will be responsible for paying any parking fines which are assessed for policy violations during their stay.

a. Groups under 200 participants will be allotted two (2) hours for check-in and check-out. For every additional 100 participants over 200 participants, one (1) hour will be added to the time allotted for check-in and check-out.

b. Conference check-in may begin after 3 PM on each arrival date unless otherwise stated on Conference Housing Services Agreement. A roster of participants with room assignments and confirmed check-ins must be submitted and verified to the Conference Housing Office at check-in. Key cards, meal cards, and parking permits will be issued to the On-Site Coordinator for distribution.

c. Posting of any signs on University property requires prior approval of the Conference Housing Coordinator. Signage must be submitted 5 business days prior to posting date.

d. Prior to occupancy, the On-Site Coordinator and Conference Housing Services staff will jointly inspect the facilities assigned to the program and identify any existing facility discrepancies.

i. On-Site Coordinator may choose to abstain from pre-arrival walkthrough. Failure to participate in pre-arrival walkthrough will result in loss of the right to contest post-departure damage fees.

a. Check out process must conclude by 12:00 PM on each departure date unless noted otherwise on the Conference Housing Services Agreement.

b. All conference participants must be checked out and cleared of building(s) by this time NO EXCEPTIONS.

i. All Keys, Meal Cards, Parking Permits, Linens, and Laundry Cards must be returned to Conference Housing Services by this time.

ii. LICENSEE, not the participants, will be billed $25.00 per key card, $50.00 per metal key, and $50.00 per key FOB not returned prior to departure at designated check-out time. No refund or adjustments will be made to invoice for late key returns.

LICENSEE will be charges $5.00 for each lost meal card. No refund or adjustments will be made to invoice for late meal card returns.

iii. All linens must be left on the beds in each room at check-out

c. Late check-out will cause an additional night charge per total room use.

d. Due to limited space, we cannot accommodate storage of luggage and personal items should check-out time occur before conclusion of conference.

e. Prior to departure, the On-Site Coordinator and Conference Housing Services staff will conduct an assessment. Any damages, cleaning requirements or missing items will be identified, and costs billed as part of final invoice to LICENSEE.

i.On-Site Coordinator may choose to abstain post-departure walkthrough. Failure to participate in post-departure walkthrough will result in loss of the right to contest damage fees.

f. Assessments for damages will be conducted after the departure of LICENSEE and its participants. Damages which occur during conference stay will be billed to the LICENSEE.

Insurance information

As an agency of the State of California, there are specific insurance requirements that shall be met in order to use campus facilities. The Client or Lessee shall furnish University Housing a "Certificate of Insurance" prior to the commencement of a contract agreement that provides:

General Liability - Minimum Limits each occurrence $1,000,000, general aggregate $2,000,000. Higher limits may be required due to the nature of the event or the number of people in attendance. Coverage must be placed with a company of A.M. Best rating of A: VII or higher. A certificate of insurance must be provided showing specific information as to the date and event for which the certificate is being issued. The certificate must be accompanied by a separate letter of endorsement naming “The Trustees of the California State University, California State University, Hayward, the State of California, and their employees, officers, agents and assigns ” as additional insured for the duration and purpose of the event(s) being held.

Employer Liability (if applicable) - $1,000,000
Automobile Liability undefined - Undefined Private Individuals should have Liability of no less than $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence, and $100,000 property damage. Undefined Commercial Entities should have business automobile liability with a combined single limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.
Worker’s Compensation - Statutory Limit
The Client or Lessee must provide a separate endorsement change to the insurance policy with the required information below:

Endorses the State of California, the Trustees, the University, their agents, officers, and employees as "additional insured." (The certificate of insurance must specifically state this to be valid.)

Failure to provide insurance by the deadline will result in the cancellation of the event. If you are unable to provide your own insurance you may purchase insurance through the University by contacting the Risk Management Office at (510) 885-3833.