CSCI Student Service Center

The College of Science Student Service Center provides comprehensive major advising and support for junior and senior standing students in the Health Science, Biology, Chemistry, BiochemistryEnvironmental Science, and Geology majors. In addition, we are providing GE advising to junior and senior standing students in the Psychology, Physics, and Statistics majors who do not currently have an assigned GE advisor. Our advisors assist students in thoroughly understanding their major/minor requirements, planning classes, and completing necessary paperwork. Our goal is to help students as they transition into university life and develop useful skills to complete their degree.



Attention Students

The College of Science Student Service Center is open. In addition to virtual Zoom meetings, in-person appointments are now available and will be arranged in advance.



If you would like to schedule a major or GE advising appointment for the following majors:


Biology (major and GE)

Chemistry/Biochemistry (major and GE)

Health Science (major and GE)

Environmental science and Geology (major and GE)

Psychology (GE only)

Physics (GE only)

Statistics (GE only)


Use your Horizon email and send us your request to Please write "Request for Major Advising" or "Request for GE Advising" on the Subject Line. Kindly include your name and NetID, your major, and your concentration (if applicable) in your email request, and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can!



Contact Us

Student Service Center
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  • 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd
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