How Do I Find My Major Advisor?

Look on your Bay Advisor page. In the “success team” box, you should have someone listed as your advisor. If your advisor is not listed on your Bay Advisor page, please email cscistudentcenter@csueastbay.edu







Watch the video to find out how to find your enrollment date on MyCSUEB !

Before you register for the first time, go to MyCSUEB and indicate your Intent to Register. Within 48 hours you will be able to see your "enrollment appointment time" inside the MyCSUEB Student Center indicating when you can enroll in classes. After receiving your enrollment appointment time in MyCSUEB, check for holds and take the appropriate action to remove any holds that may be on your account.

Visit How to Register For Classes for more information.

Visit MyCompass to fill out online forms for Change of Major/Minor Concentration, Petition for Add/Drop/Withdrawal, Postpone Graduation and more.