Applied Sciences Center

Rendering of a two story building

Transforming science education and the STEM workforce

Cal State East Bay’s future Applied Sciences Center will be a place of discovery where students become 21st century scientists, working alongside their professors in interdisciplinary, open-concept laboratories. Faculty mentored student research opportunities are a hallmark of the educational experience in the College of Science, and this new facility will expand these opportunities and accommodate the rapid growth in students studying in the sciences at Cal State East Bay.

The university has raised nearly $24 million toward this $30 million project, and seeks further private support to complete the facility, as well as install fixtures and equipment.

What’s Inside

Cal State East Bay is planning a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art Applied Sciences Center facility. The new building, scheduled to open in 2022, will be funded completely through private support.

Inside, students and faculty will have:

  • Cutting-edge Research Labs: Open concept laboratories will house multiple student and faculty teams working on priority research. One of these labs will be dedicated to the new flagship Green Biome Institute, dedicated to the study and conservation of California’s endangered plants. Another lab will be dedicated to biotechnology in general, with students in those labs receiving an excellent education in molecular biology and bioinformatics.
  • Technology Collaboration: A student-faculty research space will support interdisciplinary research into the applications of new technologies in multiple areas of study.
  • Innovation Center: This signature space will encourage students to explore the application of new technologies to significant and real issues confronting the region and world. Project-based and outward facing programs will use the center, alongside students who are working on capstone projects in engineering, physics, and other disciplines.
  • Flexible Learning: Classrooms will be designed to encourage active learning and allow students to work in teams on focused projects. These spaces—functioning more like team offices— will easily allow space for students to leave their work and material in one place and allow for brainstorming and collaboration between community representatives, faculty and learners.

The building will have two floors with a unified theme of providing spaces for students to actively engage in their learning—whether in the classroom or research laboratory—with up-to-date technology as a hallmark of each lab and learning space.

Support the Sciences

Cal State East Bay needs private support, particularly leadership support, to bring the Applied Sciences Center to fruition. The returns will be limitless: Our students, faculty, and community will have the learning and collaboration facilities needed to engage in high impact hands-on learning, thereby increasing graduates’ value to their disciplines and future employers.

The university has raised $23.9 million toward this project, and seeks the remaining $6.1 million to complete the building. Ongoing, the College of Science will raise additional funds for fixtures and equipment, as well as ongoing support for internships, research, scholarships and supplies. 

Excellence in Science

The College of Science is Cal State East Bay’s fastest growing college, with more than 5,500 students across all majors, reflecting a 50 percent enrollment increase since 2010. The College is an energized academic hub, bursting with motivated students studying across 11 departments. Each department is focused on providing foundational disciplinary knowledge and tangible skills that will allow students to have an immediate impact once they enter the workforce.

According to Money Magazine’s 2018 rating, Cal State East Bay is 14th in the nation in advancing graduates’ social mobility. Our position in the region’s STEM workforce and our academic excellence plays a huge role in that. But we are increasingly finding that employers are recognizing the value of a Cal State East Bay degree, knowing that they can expect both hard skills and a certain kind of grit and determination from our graduates.