Programs for Students

The CSU East Bay Math and Science Teacher (MAST) Program is designed to provide scholars opportunities to explore science and mathematics education at the middle school and high school levels. This program is open to current STEM and Liberal Studies majors. Liberal studies majors with an interest in teaching elementary school need to be interested in math or science. Scholars will join a community of students interested in STEM education. The scholars will engage in teacher education coursework, field experience directly in the 6-12 grade classrooms, and science and math education workshops at CSUEB and in the greater Bay Area. This program will enable students to obtain 45 hours of classroom experience which is required for entrance into the teaching credential program. Students who successfully complete the MAST Program with at least a 2.67 overall GPA, and successfully meet all Credential Admissions requirements (including testing, documents and interview) for the Multiple and/or Single Subject will have priority in the admissions process.
PHAP is operated by University Extension, in collaboration with College of Science and prepares students interested in health professional careers (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary science, physical therapy and selected allied health programs) for application to these doctoral programs. Students are encouraged to review information on this website to learn more about differences between those categories.

The Biotechnology Certificate Program (BCP) is a competitive, limited enrollment program emphasizing close supervision and instruction in current theoretical and practical training in molecular life sciences. It was established in 1986 to meet the personnel requirements of the rapidly expanding Bay Area biotechnology industry.

Each course within this program is ten weeks in length, and most courses have a minimum of 60 hours of hands-on training. The current curriculum was designed after extensive consultation with representatives from academic and commercial laboratories in biotechnology.

Programs for Faculty

The Faulty Learning Program will bring together STEM faculty from CSUEB to learn, support each other in integrating active learning strategies in their courses, and build relationships and understanding of one another’s teaching and learning contexts over a calendar year.