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Julia  Olkin, Ph.D.


Department of Mathematics

Research: Math Education, Numerical Linear Algebra, Nonlinear Optimization

  • BA Mathematics, Pomona College
  • MA Mathematical Sciences, Rice University
  • PhD Mathematical Sciences, Rice University
Spring Semester 2024
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
MATH 11001Finite MathTTH1:15PM2:30PMSC-N112Hayward Campus

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Dec. 2010 Asilomar Mathematics Conference, California Mathematics Council-North, 90 minute workshop on “What’s Holding This Up? Using Underlying Math Structures”

May. 2010 Presentation for Office of Faculty Development: “Engaging Students With a Few New Ideas: A Bright Ideas Roundtable”

Feb. 2010 Presentation on Introduction to Linear Programming to the CSUEB Math Club

Dec. 2009 -Feb. 2010 Taught 24 hours of professional development to Secondary School math teachers, in three 8-hour days. The curriculum is the Strengthen­ing Mathematics Instruction program, part of the Early Assessment Program training for CSUs.

1987-1997 Numerous presentations at professional conferences (SIAM -Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) and to clients such as Department of Defense, which employed at SRI.

Advising: Math