Dong-Won ("Don") Choi Faculty Profile

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Dong-Won ("Don")  Choi

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

The influence of cognition, motivation, and culture on interpersonal and group behavior -- with a focus on how schemas, human values, and need for power affect negotiation process and outcome. Other interests include judgment and decision-making, cultural variations in happiness, and culture and the perception of individuals and groups.

  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2003)
Fall Semester 2021
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
PSYC 46201Psyc of NegotiationF8:00AM11:40AMWEB-SYNCHOnline Campus
PSYC 46901Group DynamicsM8:00AM11:40AMWEB-SYNCHOnline Campus
PSYC 49006Independent StudyARRARRHayward Campus
PSYC 493A01Research in Org PsycMF12:00PM1:40PMWEB-SYNCHOnline Campus

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