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Liz  Kyonka

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

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As a quantitative and experimental behavior analyst, I study patterns of behavior.

I investigate how individuals learn about contingencies: naturally occurring or manufactured rules about the consequences of behavior. Contingencies are ubiquitous, but sometimes they can be difficult to detect. They can change frequently or without warning. The ability to identify contingencies, to notice when they change and to adapt accordingly is essential for promoting healthy habits and effective learning.

My students and I use schedules of reinforcement to examine factors affecting temporal learning and choice adaptation. My training and early work involved animal research, but my current focus is on testing predictions about behavioral strategies implicated in a range of human behaviors, including patterns of behavior that characterize technology use, gambling, and statistical reasoning.

  • Ph.D., Psychology, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
  • Sc.B. with honors in Cognitive Neuroscience, Brown University
Spring Semester 2024
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
PSYC 31002Conditioning and LearningTU1:15PM2:55PMSC-N215Hayward Campus
PSYC 31003Conditioning and LearningTH1:15PM2:55PMSC-N215Hayward Campus
PSYC 49011Independent StudyARRARRHayward Campus
PSYC 49012Independent StudyARRARRHayward Campus
PSYC 49013Independent StudyARRARRHayward Campus
PSYC 491A01Research in Cond LearnTTH10:00AM11:40AMSC-S138Hayward Campus

Recent publications

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