David A. Sandberg, Ph.D. Faculty Profile

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David  A.  Sandberg, Ph.D.


Department of Psychology

Dr. Sandberg is a Clinical Psychologist.  In addition to his full-time academic appointment in our Department, he has a part-time private practice.  Dr. Sandberg's research and clinical interests are in psychological trauma, posttraumatic stress, attachment theory, object-relations theory, and psychoanalytic therapy.

  • Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco
  • Clinical Fellowship, Children's Health Council/Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Pre-doctoral Internship, Albany Psychology Internship Consortium, Albany, New York
  • 1995, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Ohio University
  • 1989, B.A. in Psychology, University of Minnesota
Fall Semester 2021
Course #SecCourse TitleDaysFromToLocationCampus
PSYC 38201Child PsychopathologyTTH8:00AM9:40AMWEB-SYNCHOnline Campus
PSYC 48102Introduction to PsychotherapyTTH10:00AM11:40AMWEB-SYNCHOnline Campus
PSYC 491F03Research in Clinical PsycTTH1:15PM2:55PMWEB-SYNCHOnline Campus

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