Mitchell Watnik Faculty Profile

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Mitchell  Watnik

Professor and Associate Dean

Department of Statistics and Biostatistics

  • BA Quantitative Economics and Desicion Sciences, UC San Diego
  • MS Statistics, UC Davis
  • PhD Statistics, UC Davis

Not teaching this semester.

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1999 Recipient of the UMR Management Systems Student Organization Award for Outstanding Faculty Member.

1996 Recipient of the UC Davis Teaching Award for Outstanding Graduate Students.

Member of the American Statistical Association.

1991 Bachelor's degree with Departmental Distinction from UC San Diego.

1990-1991 Provost's Honors List (3 times) at UC San Diego

Associate Editor of The American Statistician, 2012-present.

CSUEB College of Science Representative to, and Chair of, the Committee on Instruction and Curriculum, 2014-present.

CSUEB College of Science Representative to, and Secretary of, the General Education Subcommittee, 2013-present.

CSUEB College of Science Representative to, and Chair of, the University Administrative Review Committee, 2012-present.

Member, Academic Senate Executive Committee 2011-present.

Representative of CIC to Semester Conversion Steering Committee, 2015-present.

CSUEB College of Science Representative to the Retention, Promotion, and Tenure Subcommittee, 2014-2015.

Faculty Representative to the CSUEB WASC Steering Committee, 2012- 2015.

CSUEB At-large Academic Senator 2010-2014.

Chair of Academic Senate 2012-2014.

Chair of Information Technology Advisory Committee, 2012-2014.

CSUEB College of Science Representative to the Faculty Affairs Committee Fall, 2012 and Spring, 2013.

CSUEB College of Science Representative to the Search Committee for Vice President of Administration and Finance/CFO 2011-2012.

Chair, Review Committee for Director of Office of Faculty and Professional Development 2011.

CSUEB College of Science Representative to the Faculty Affairs Committee Spring, 2011.

CSUEB College of Science Representative to the Committee on Instruction and Curriculum 2007-2009.

CSUEB College of Science Representative to the Faculty Support Services Advisory Committee 2008-2009.

Organizer for the Symposium on Statistics and Operations Research in Baseball, July 11, 2007.

CSUEB College of Science Academic Senate Representative 2005-2009.

CSUEB College of Science Curriculum Committee member 2005-2007.

CSUEB Department of Statistics Hiring Committee member (2 committees) 2006, Hiring Committee Chair 2007.

Referee for: Journal of the American Statistical Association, Modeling and Prediction: Honoring Seymour Geisser, Journal of Forecasting, American Statistician, Journal of Statistics Education, Communications in Statistics.

UMR College of Arts and Science Curriculum Committee member 1997-1999.

ASA Chapter Representative for Mid-Missouri Chapter, 1998.

Founding Webmaster for UCD Division of Statistics, 1994-1996.

Maintain Amstat Online's "List of Graduate Programs in Statistics", 1993-present.

Faculty Advisor to the UMR Racquetball Club, 1996-1999.