Ange Zhou Faculty Profile

Ange  Zhou


Department of Statistics and Biostatistics

On Leave 2018-2019

  • University of Maryland
  • Yale School of Management

Not teaching this semester.

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2010 Joint Statistical Meetings, Vancouver.
A Review of Issues Involving Non-inferiority Trials, with Makuch R.
2009 Joint Statistical Meetings, Denver.
Power Transformation for Enhancing Responsiveness of Quality of Life Questionnaire
2008 Eisai pharmaceuticals, NJ.
Designs in Phase I Clinical Trials
2008 University of Maryland, MD.
Estimation of Parameters in Logistic and Log-logistic Distribution with Grouped data
2007 California Polytechnic State University, CA.
Adjusting for Baseline Covariates when Measurements are Ordered Categories
2006 62nd Deming Conference, Atlantic City, NJ.
Clinical Trial Design and Permutation Tests
2006 National Institute of Health, Rockville, MD.
Adjusting for Baseline Covariates by Inducing a Partial Ordering
2006 Henry Stewart Talks, Russell House, London.
Overview of Permutation Tests
2004 Genetech, San Francisco, CA.
2003 The International Biometric Society/Eastern North American Region (ENAR), Tampa, FL.
2002 George Washington University, Washington DC.
2002 Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN.
2001 National Cancer Institute (NCI), Bethesda, MD. 2001