Advantages of an Ethnic Studies Degree

Content Mastery

The Ethnic Studies major guides students through a systematic study of racialized groups with a particular focus on African American, American Indian, Asian American, and Latino/a peoples and communities within the United States. Our program is committed to comparative, transnational, and intersectional approaches. The content of our major furthers Cal State East Bay’s mission to "support a diverse student body with academically rich, culturally relevant learning experiences which prepare students to apply their education to meaningful lifework, and to be socially responsible contributors to society."

Cultural Competencies

The Ethnic Studies major provides students with cultural competencies so that they can “work collaboratively and respectfully as members and leaders of diverse teams and communities” (CSUEB Institutional Learning Outcome)

Applied Learning

The Ethnic Studies program provides students with high impact learning activities in local communities where they “apply knowledge of diversity and multicultural competencies to promote equity and social justice in our communities” (CSUEB Institutional Learning Outcome).