ES Major Advising

The Department of Ethnic Studies will be holding group advising sessions via Zoom to go over major requirements in relation to the Spring 2023 schedule. 


Thursday October 27th 2pm-3pm
Tuesday November 1st 2pm-3pm

Below is the zoom link for the group sessions:





ES Advising Assignments

Students last name begins w/ letters







Dr. Anndretta Wilson

MI 4095


Dr. Jocyl Sacramento

MI 4103


Dr. Enrique Salmón

MI 4097




Dr. Carlos Salomon

MI 4089


For example, if your last name is Garcia, you are assigned to Dr. Sacramento. If your last name is Shaffer, you are assigned to Dr. Salomon.

How to Schedule an Advising Appointment

Due to COVID-19, advising appointments for FALL 2022 may occur online or in-person. To make an appointment with your major advisor, please schedule your appointment through Bay Advisor. Erika (see contact info below) can help you make an appointment if you are not familiar with Bay Advisor. The best way to get your questions answered is to make an advising meeting. However, if you have a simple question that you think can be answered over email, please put “Advising Question” in your subject line, and let the professor know that they are your assigned faculty advisor. If they don’t respond, make an appointment.

When to see an advisor

  • New Students:
    When you first declare your major/minor, it is important to meet you’re your faculty advisor so they can explain major requirements and help you make a plan.
  • Students filing for graduation:
    You are required to meet with your advisor to complete your “grad check” sheet. For those graduating in SPRING or SUMMER, you should complete a "grad check" sheet during FALL semester.

Our Department Administrative Coordinator is Erika Diaz-Apodaca

If you need help connecting with your advisor or making an appointment, contact Erika.

Our Department Chair is Dr. Nicholas L. Baham III

Dr. Baham oversees the department and all advising matters.
Dr. Baham can meet with you if you are experiencing difficulties and need further assistance.