Jul Custodio

Excel Program Coordinator

The EXCEL Program Coordinator implements, develops, plans and manages the Program. The Program Coordinator works with students, faculty, staff and administrators to ensure the delivery of program services that lead to retention and graduation of EXCEL participants.The Program Coordinator ensures smooth and efficient flow of the EXCEL Program by supporting the EXCEL team to academically assist the EXCEL participants. 


Veronica Fong    

Academic Life Planning Counselor

The Academic Life Planning Counselors provide EXCEL participants with major program services, consisting of academic, career, scholarship, and graduate school advising, as well as personal counseling and guidance. The Counselors' work with program participants is characterized by a holistic approach in individual and group settings. The combination of their professional competence and knowledge of University academic requirements and regulations contributes to the successful retention and graduation of program participants.


Esther Fultz / Alvin Jaimes

Academic Engagement Coach

The Academic Engagement Coach will support EXCEL students through relationship building and connecting them with resources in any areas they may be facing challenges. The Engagement Coach will support the Academic Life Planning Counselors by ensuring students' needs are being met so they can successfully achieve their goals. The Engagement Coach will also support the Student Access Programs Office Manager with admissions.


Yvette Yarbor

Student Access Programs Office Manager

The Office Manager for Student Access Programs will be the initial point of contact for students, parents, and campus members visiting the Student Access Programs office. The Office Manager will be a reference for academic resources for EXCEL students, as well as supervising Student Assistant staff in performing general office operations. The Office Manager will work closely with the Director on the EXCEL admission process, as well as supporting the Academic Life Planning Counselors with student academic plans and appointments.


Saleem Gilmore

SEAS Executive Director

The Executive Director has chief administrative responsibility for the function and general operation of the EXCEL Program and serves as a liaison between the Program, the U.S. Department of Education, and the various CSUEB offices and programs that serve EXCEL students.

Staff Information


Name Title Email Address
Jul Custodio Excel Program Coordinator
Yvette Yarbor Student Access Programs Office Manager
Veronica Fong Academic Life Planning Counselor
Esther Fultz Academic Engagement Coach
Alvin Jaimes Academic Engagement Coach
Saleem Gilmore SEAS Executive Director