Business Services

Administrative Services

Supports the Associate Vice President, directors, managers, and staff of Facilities Development & Operations (FD&O) by coordinating and managing the daily business activities of the organization. Our responsibilities include budget oversight, purchasing and processing payments for all FD&O maintenance, renovation and new construction, maintaining the organization's web site, and providing administrative support to the Associate Vice President, directors, and managers of FD&O. While our responsibilities are varied, we work as a team toward the common goal of providing efficient, accurate, and professional services and facilitating and supporting the organization's core activities and goals.


Budget & Procurement Services

Budget Services

Responsible for maintaining all budgetary related data and utility information for FD&O departments, including budget, payroll, utility, construction, and maintenance costs. We prepare monthly budget analysis and projection reports for the head of each department within FD&O.

Procurement Services

Provides services to FD&O staff that include disbursing and reconciling blanket orders, credit card purchases, and purchase orders. We also prepare direct payment for training and memberships. Other services include maintaining FD&O's equipment inventory, travel arrangements, and office supplies for all staff.

For more information on forms travel, training, regulations, and vendor requirements please visit the University's Procurement department web site.