Customer Service

Information Services

Provides support to all customers of Facilities Development and Operations (FD&O) by directing them to the appropriate personnel, answering questions, issuing and accepting returned keys, and web site maintenance. We also provide support and guidance to FD&O departments and employees related to FD&O, University and/or CSU policies and procedures.

Material Management & Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services

Serves as the "central stores" for the various units within FD&O. Inventory consists of various electrical, plumbing, HVAC, automotive, irrigation, and custodial supplies needed by the employees of FD&O. The warehouse also receives specialty items ordered by FD&O for campus projects, and provides services and supplies for all general funded maintenance needs.

Support Services

Tracks all inventory and orders direct from vendors, receives and distributes merchandise, and provides pick-up and delivery services. Also, purchases supplies/materials/equipment for FD&O. We research parts availability for obsolete equipment and makes arrangements for purchasing and shipping.