Service Response

Service Response

Priority Level 1

Response Within 24 Hours


  • Broken/falling glass or ceiling tile
  • Elevator entrapments
  • Faulty or damaged fire alarm systems/components
  • Faulty or damage building alarm systems
  • Chemical & bodily fluid cleanup
  • Major spill cleanup
  • Plumbing - burst pipes, sewer line blockages, gas leak detection
  • Power outages impacting a partial/whole building
  • Door, lock and access issuesCompliance repairs
  • Re-stocking of restroom supplies


Priority Level 2

Response Within 7 Business Days


  • Hot and cold calls
  • Pest management
  • Roof & ceiling leaks
  • Flickering interior lights
  • Minor plumbing repairs (not related to sanitation)

Priority Level 3



  • Installation of modification of furniture for ergonomic requirements
  • Relocation of accessible furniture
  • Project work (as applicable)