Program Eligibility


  • You must be a new Fall semester transfer student
  • Must make a commitment to the GANAS program for your first full academic year
  • Former PUENTE students will be given preference

Program Requirements

  • Enroll in required GANAS upper-division GE courses each term during your first year
  • Enroll in required GANAS transfer success seminar each term during your first year 
  • Meet with the GANAS counselor at least two (2) times per semester
  • Connect and meet with your a peer mentor 
  • Remain in full-time enrollment status (12 units) and in good academic standing with the university


  • Complete upper-division GE and overlays requirements in a cohort during your first year
  • Learn strategies for success in university and life
  • Enhance academic skills
  • Receive counseling, tutoring, and financial aid assistance
  • Be paired with a mentor

Program Selection

The selection committee is looking to select a diverse cohort. Please note that many factors will be taken into consideration when choosing the cohort. We encourage all interested applicants to apply.