Emergency Assistance

Student Application for Emergency Assistance

Limited funds have been made available from generous donors to assist currently enrolled students who may experience crisis situations that would impact their ability to stay enrolled at Cal State East Bay - food, housing, school supplies, transportation. 

Completing this application does not constitute an automatic award. After submitting this application, you can expect that someone will reach out to you to follow up.  If you do not hear from someone within a week, please reach out to CARE@csueastbay.edu .

Important information about emergency funds:

  • Awards are based upon fund availability
  • Emergency funds cannot be used for tuition and fees
  • Eligibility may require that all other sources of financial aid be exhausted (grants, scholarships, loans). 
  • Emergency funds may be subject to taxes.
  • Supporting documentation is encouraged and may be required.  

Federal and State Regulations do not allow CSU East Bay to provide financial aid recipients with funding in excess of their Cost of Attendance or 'Need' as calculated by the FAFSA/CADAA Application. (Need = COA - EFC). By filling out this form, you acknowledge that if you receive this funding and its addition results in excess, the funds may replace your current Financial Aid package in an order that will be in your best interest. For example, your loans or need-based aid that you may be able to use in subsequent terms may be replaced.  If your aid is subject to an adjustment, you will be contacted via your horizon email account. 

Note that adjustments to aid may result in an outstanding balance that will be your responsibility to settle. As such, before spending the funds it is advisable to review your aid package to see how it may have been adjusted upon receiving the emergency funds. Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships  with any questions. 

The California Student Aid Commission(CSAC) requires Middle-Class Scholarship (MCS) Recipients to have all additional aid reported to the State Department. Please note that any additional aid may result in a reduction of your MCS, requiring you to return part of the funds issued to you.