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Fall 2024 Move-In Information

Congratulations and welcome home to your on-campus student housing at Cal State East Bay! We are excited to have you join our vibrant community as engaged learners. Below you will learn more about the Move-In appointments, and the safety measures in place this year with Fall 2023 Move-In. 

Your 2024-2025 Housing Contracts starts on August 15, 2024. All residents may begin to reside starting on that day. Move-in dates and times are special events catered to each community and have designated programs, staff, and supporting equipment to ensure a smooth move-in for you.

Move-In Dates & Times


Sequoia & Tamalpais - Aug. 15th

Calaveras, Diablo & Shasta - Aug. 16th

Coloma, Sierra & Sonora - Aug. 17th

Not sure which floor you are on? Click “Understand Your Assignment” below.

**Remember, you must schedule an appointment on the Housing Portal.

After Hours & Non-Move-In Days

Appointment availability has been carefully designed to optimize your move-in experience and offer continued safety measures. We ask that you look at available options to plan accordingly. Should you have unresolved conflicts, please contact the Housing office at housing@csueastbay.edu to provide context for your conflict, and a team member will reach out to provide dates when alternative options may be available.

what to bring

Absolute Necessitates:

  • Bath Towels
  • Bedding (Pillows/Blankets/Sheets-Twin Extra Long)
  • Face Mask/ Face Covering
  • Flashlight
  • Hand Sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Hand soap
  • Hangers
  • Laundry Basket
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Wastebaskets (for bedroom & bathroom)
  • First-aid Kit
  • Fan
  • Toiletries
  • Full-Length Mirror

Items to Discuss with your Roommates:

  • Cleaning Supplies(Cleansers/Broom/Mop)
  • Dishes/Cooking Utensils
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Microwave *For apartment residents only
  • Iron/Ironing Board

Optional Items

  • Television
  • Mini Refrigerator *Must not exceed 3.2 cubic feet
  • Coffee Makers
  • Crock Pots
  • Rice Cookers
  • Air Fryer *permitted but not encouraged

Appliances NOT allowed in Tamalpais, Sequoia, or Juniper:

  • Electric Grills
  • Hot Plates
  • Toaster Ovens
  • Slot Toasters

Appliances with exposed heating elements are prohibited

What Not to Bring:

  • Candles/Incense
  • Halogen Lamps
  • Space heaters
  • Nails/Screws
  • 3D printers
  • Pets(small fish in freshwater aquariums no more than 10 gallons are allowed)
  • Swamp Coolers/Private Air Conditioners

Conversation Starter with Roommate

We are so excited to see you soon! Just a few weeks until move-in begins! As we move closer to August, we wanted to encourage you to reach out to your roommates to start building connections! Below are instructions and suggested prompts to begin the conversation. Focus this time and energy on connecting with each other and who is bringing which items for your space. There will be plenty of time once you arrive on campus to discuss expectations of living together and what feels best as you make this transition! Your RAs look forward to guiding you through that discussion.

Connecting with your Roommates!

See who your roommates are

Log in to your housing portal

Once you log in to the housing portal, click on "room" at the top. Then select the appropriate term. You will then see a list of other residents assigned to your suite.

Send a message

Via the Housing Portal

Once you see the list of people on the Housing Portal, click "send a message." This will allow you to connect with your roommates through the Portal's messaging feature. This is a great way to introduce yourself!

Exchange contact information

As you feel comfortable

If you feel comfortable, it might be a great idea to exchange phone numbers or create a GroupMe with your roommates. This can ease communication as you approach move-in!

Start to build connections

Learn how to get acquainted with your roommates and navigate shared living space

Some questions to help

  • Why did they decide on East Bay as a campus?
  • What are they most excited about?
  • What classes are they in this semester/what is their major?
  • What are some of their favorite interests or hobbies?
  • What are your favorite shows or genres of music?

Have something to look forward to

Weeks of welcome info is coming soon

Get excited to explore the campus and all the great ways to connect with the campus during your first weeks! What are some things that you and your roommates are looking forward to?

To help with the flow of the move-in process, we designate your move in time according to the building that you will be moving into, in addition to the floor number.

To determine your building number, you will look at the first number of your room assignment. 


Building numbers are assigned as seen below.

Building Number

Building Name




114 A



224 C



334 A



424 C



648 D



712 A



822 A



947 B



1032 D

To determine your floor number for buildings 1-9, you will look at the second digit of your room assignment. 
To determine your floor number for building 10, you will look to the third digit of your room assignment.

Floor Number
Example Floor

114 A


224 C


334 A


424 C


648 D


712 A


822 A


947 B


1032 D


Apartment Triples Bed Labeling

  • A/D - Low Loft
  • B/E - Top Bunk
  • C/F - Bottom Bunk


Apartment Triples Bed Labeling

  • A/D - Loft
  • B/E - Top Bunk
  • C/F - Bottom Bunk

suite triple

For driving directions, click here.

Move In Map


To ensure your successful transition to on-campus Housing, the Move-In process comprises a series of events: health and wellness screening, curbside check-in/key pick-up, completion of the Housing Condition Form, and Move-In festivities. As the appointments have been structured around intentional traffic management, we ask that you keep to your scheduled time.

The only entrance into University Housing will be the small side street located behind Pioneer Kitchen on Harder Rd. Keep that in mind when you are coordinating your travel.

Stop 1 - Proceed towards the check-in area, remain in your vehicle and a volunteer will guide you to a waiting zone. The volunteer will provide you with a number to text, please provide your name and NetID. Your Housing check-in items, including any new keys and instructions, will be brought to your car. Please note, that all residents must go through this stop even if you are a returning resident who may already have a previously issued BayCard. If you are not arriving by personal vehicle, we will have designated space for you to complete the move-in process.

Stop 2 - Move your vehicle to any of the designated 30-minute Unloading Zones closest to your residential community. Moving rolling bins will be available throughout the unloading area for your convenience.

Stop 3 - Once you have finished unloading your vehicle, please move your vehicle to a designated long-term parking area. If you are a student and need to park your vehicle, you’ll need to exit Housing and loop back through. You’ll be able to park your vehicle in the “Long Term Parking” zone.

Once you’ve parked your vehicle, time to get settled into your space. As a reminder, all residents are required to complete their own inspection of the apartment/assigned bedroom and sign the Housing Condition Form. Failure to complete the Housing Condition Form will result in the licensee taking full ownership of the conditions as listed. Potential damage concerns need to be documented in the condition form, and maintenance issues can be reported to any Housing staff available in the lobby or quad of each building. For your personal documentation to complement the Housing Condition Form, we encourage you to take your own pictures and send a copy of the photos to your student Horizon email account to provide a timestamp of the status of the apartment upon your move-in day.


To prepare for your move-in, please remember to pack a photo ID. If you are a returning on-campus housing resident, you will need to bring your Baycard to the Move-In process. Up to two guests will be permitted per resident to assist with the move-in process. We urge no guests under the age of 12.

Resources for You

Residents and their guest(s) will have the opportunity to borrow rolling bins for designated times to assist with moving personal items. Unloading permits will also be available for temporary parking by designated curbside closest to your community. Should you have questions or inquiries about other accommodations or seek accessibility needs, please get in touch with the Housing office at housing@csueastbay.edu. Housing Resource Fair will also be located by the Pioneer Kitchen for additional resources that can assist with your time living on campus.


Keep an eye out on the exciting festivities we have in store for moving in!

 Q: What are the COVID regulations for Housing?

A: University Housing and Residence Life want to make sure you are keeping yourself and others safe when you arrive to move in. We abide by the COVID regulations established by CSU East Bay’s campus. Please take a look at this website to provide you with more information regarding COVID.

Q: What are the COVID “I’m not feeling well before my move-in date, what do I do?”

A: If you were recently exposed to someone that was COVID-positive or are experiencing symptoms we encourage you to test before moving in. If you are positive or negative with symptoms, we encourage you to stay home and get better.
If you are concerned about your move-in appointment, reschedule your appointment date and time with Housing (housing@csueastbay.edu).

Q: Will there be food or refreshments provided?

A: Residents and their guests are encouraged to visit the Pioneer Kitchen during their Move-In appointment to enjoy refreshments and/or lunch during the meal period. Residents can begin to use their meal plans starting August 15, and their guests can join them for a complimentary meal at Move-In.

Q: Do I have a choice of my bunk space?

A: Your bunk space is determined by the official letter assigned with your room assignment. Please review the “Understand Your Assignment” section to preview what is your space designation. If you believe you need accommodations for the bed you selected, please consult with Student Housing.

Q: I want to swap space after I move in, what do I do?

A: The room change process will reopen at the end of August. More details for room changes will be available closer to the date of the request. Residents are not permitted to coordinate their own room swap prior to the approval process due to safety and license agreement policies.

Q: Can I mail packages before my move-in date?

A: Residents may only mail to Pioneer Heights about one and a half weeks prior to move-in (August 5). Packages that arrive before August 5 will be returned to the sender. After confirmation from the mailroom to your horizon email of package arrival, packages may be picked up from the El Dorado Mailroom during operation hours.

Volunteers for Move-In

Join us in welcoming your fellow Pioneer residents by volunteering for Fall 2024 Move-In!

We invite you to engage with your vibrant community by serving in a variety of different volunteer roles during Move-In Week from meeting and greeting guests, to decor and set-up, to day-of helping students and families unload their cars, and more! We are looking for volunteers who have positive energy, a willingness to help, and a commitment to making a positive experience for all those participating in Housing Move-In Week.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Tuesday, August 13 (3 PM - 6 PM) - Required Kick-Off Training & Set-Up/Decor Day for those wishing to participate in the complimentary Early Arrival program.
  • Wednesday, August 14
  • Thursday, August 15
  • Friday, August 16
  • Saturday, August 17
  • Sunday, August 18

Register below to let us know your interest and general availability. This serves as an interest form. A SignUp Genius link will be sent out closer to the date for folks to select their preferred roles and shifts. Residents who can commit to 12+ hours of volunteering across 4 four days may qualify for complimentary early arrival on Monday, August 12th. Please read about the requirements in the registration form. Those who would like to volunteer for complimentary early arrival need to complete Volunteer Form by July 22th, and will also be asked to complete a Housing addendum to receive the complimentary dates.

Questions may be directed to housing@csueastbay.edu