IACUC Forms and Reports

For new protocols: the Animal Use Protocol for Instruction and Research Form is used to apply for IACUC approval to use animals in research, teaching, or other capacities.  Submit an unsigned copy to:

Proposed activities cannot begin until the protocol is approved by the IACUC.  

Request to Review Exempt Field Research
This form is an abbreviated version of the long IACUC Protocol form for IACUC-approved activities that are exempt, such as some field research. We encourage reviewing the Field Research FAQ page prior to completing and submitting this form for review.

Annual Progress Report
This form must be completed and submitted every 12 months that a protocol is active.  The progress report contains information about (1) progress toward the proposed goals of the project, (2) unexpected problems with animals in the project, and (3) how problems (if any) were addressed.  

Protocol Amendment Form 
This form must be submitted whenever the PI wishes to make changes to approved procedures. The Amendment form must be approved by the IACUC before the proposed change occurs. Changes may include the following examples:

  • Animal subjects (species or strain; number)
  • Activity location (housing; procedures)
  • Non-surgical procedure or treatment
  • Surgery or intra-operative procedure
  • Post-surgical or post-procedure care and monitoring or humane endpoints
  • Use of hazardous agents
  • Method of euthanasia
  • Principal Investigator
  • Personnel or personnel roles
  • Other significant change in activity

Protocol Discontinuation Form
This form must be submitted when a protocol is discontinued. Note that an Annual Progress Report is also required when a protocol is discontinued.

Submitting forms and reports for IACUC review and approval
Unsigned copies of forms must be sent to the Office of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee at iacuc@csueastbay.edu.