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Incoming Student Program

Inclusion ● Retention ● Excellence
  • "I've never been so comfortable in a classroom. These INSPIRE classes make me feel like I belong and make me feel like I can be myself." - INSPIRE Student (Incoming Class 2022)
  • "[I liked] how we had multiple classes with the same people, it felt like a community. " - INSPIRE Student (Incoming Class 2022)
  • "I like how the teachers break things down and how the program builds this community atmosphere with its students." - INSPIRE Student (Incoming Class 2022)
  • "It was a great experience during the first semester as a freshman" - INSPIRE Student (Incoming Class 2022)
  • "I'm so glad I joined this program, it's made me so happy and excited every day. This program has helped me learn and also create memories already. It's an amazing program with community and great learning outcomes and courses." - INSPIRE Student (Incoming Class 2022)
  • "I felt more confident every time I go to class. Especially in INSPIRE class, I feel more connected to people than I was in high school." - INSPIRE Student (Incoming Class 2022)
  • "I enjoyed all of my INSPIRE courses a lot and I liked that they all felt like a community and I never felt judged or out of place." - INSPIRE Student (Incoming Class 2022)
  • "How it was a cohort and we were like a community. I didn't feel alone when I was struggling I honestly gained a lot of knowledge and built my network." - INSPIRE Student (Incoming Class 2022)
  • "I'm so glad I joined this program, it's helped me discover who I am and create many relationships with students and professors. I was nervous at the beginning, but I have no regrets, and I talk often about these classes with my brother because I love them so much." - INSPIRE Student (Incoming Class 2022)

Education With a Purpose

Creating a brave space for students to grow, learn, and engage with faculty, campus life, and each other.

What Guides Us

Love, Community, and Social Justice

Meet The Team

INSPIRE Students work closely with their faculty, advisors and advocates throughout the program. We are here to help YOU.