Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The program’s CIP code is 52.1301, which makes MSBA a STEM designated program.

Yes, most classes are evening or weekend classes, allowing students to have some flexibility in their schedule.

In fall 2021, many BAN courses are taught in hybrid format. In-person classes or in-person portions of a hybrid course are held on Hayward campus. Currently, courses are taught synchronously online or in-person. In-person classes are also live streamed via zoom, giving students the option to attend these classes remotely. 

The instructional methods or modalities of spring 2022 and onwards are yet to be determined. 

Students must check the semester schedule each term for instructional modalities of each course.

GMAT/GRE is required, though there is no minimum score requirement. Of admitted applicants, the average percentile in verbal section is approximately 20% and in quantitative section it is approximately 60%.

Please use the following codes to submit your scores:

  • GMAT: TCV-K9-41
  • GRE: 4011
  • TOEFL: 4011

The MSBA program follows the deadlines set by the university.

Please go to Cal State Apply and complete your application.

The program does not require any other document besides those required by the university.

Letters of recommendation are optional. If available, applicants can email them directly to

Resumes are optional but recommended if an applicant has significant full-time work experience relevant to business analytics. If available, applicants can email them directly to

Those admission requirements are minimum requirements. The admission to the MSBA program is highly competitive. It is highly unlikely that an applicant who just meets the minimum requirements will be admitted.

Students may be eligible for transfering up to six units towards their MSBA degree. The program may accept similar graduate courses taken from an AACSB accredited institution. To apply, contact the Graduate Office at for Course Equivalency/Transfer Form. Fill out the form and submit it along with course syllabi. The program coordinator and the chair of the Department of Management will determine if the course is acceptable for transfer.

BAN 601 and BAN 602 can be waived for students who have taken similar 3-semester-unit graduate level courses from an AACSB accredited program with a grade of B- or better. To apply for the waiver, please contact the CBE Graduate Office at for Course Equivalency/Transfer Form. Fill out and submit the form, along with course syllabus to the Graduate Office.

The deadline is two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Currently, the program does not offer merit-based scholarships to incoming students. For general information on cost & financial aid, please visit Financial Aid. For general information on graduate opportunities and financial resources, please visit Graduate Opportunities and Financial Resources.

The admission rate is between 40% and 50%.

No, we do not have an established internship program. However, the College has the Office of Career & Professional Development to help our students in this regard.