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Programmatic Excellence & Innovation in Learning


CSUEB is committed to transforming undergraduate education in ways that improve its graduates' readiness to thrive in a 21st Century global environment. To support the innovation and changes necessary to realize this commitment, Academic Affairs awarded Programmatic Excellence & Innovation in Learning (PEIL) grants to winning proposals from 2012-2016. The Office of Faculty Development administered the PEIL program from 2014-2017. These grants enabled faculty-led teams to design, implement, and study new approaches to teaching and learning. Funding was awarded to projects comprised of one or two faculty-leads' and additional faculty, staff and/or student collaborators with knowledge and expertise relevant to the project. Faculty leads were encouraged to draw on faculty, staff, and/or student expertise within and across departments and colleges (i.e., interdisciplinary teams) so that the diverse array of knowledge and expertise present at CSUEB addressed identified problems within the major(s)/degree(s) and General Education.


PEIL funding was intended to help faculty, staff, student team members, and campus administrators:

  1. Develop new insights into the learning needs of the diverse and multicultural CSUEB student body.
  2. Support collaborative efforts that bring about evidence-based transformations in undergraduate education.
  3. Stimulate leading-edge development of, and research on, new instructional models (ideally supported in some way by technologies) and approaches for bringing about changes that lead to measurable improvements in student attainment of project goals, as well as program and Institutional Learning Outcomes.
  4. Strengthen the scholarship of teaching and learning at CSUEB.
  5. Provide a vehicle for programmatic change within and across departments through the dissemination of innovative ideas and promising practices within the CSUEB community.
  6. Disseminate these ideas and practices to the broader academic community through scholarly papers and presentations.
  7. Revise existing General Education coursework or create new General Education coursework for the semester system or transform large classes by incorporating innovation and high impact practices and readying them for semesters.