Funded Projects 2015-2016


In 2015-2016 projects researched and implemented new approaches to teaching and learning in a variety of courses, to prepar for semester conversion. Semesters offer the opportunity to integrate new pedagogies to improve student learning by allowing time for service learning, collaboration, and student research activities.

College of Science

Improving Problem-Based Learning and Assessment for Freshman-Level GE Engineering Courses

This proposal is focused on the problem of establishing standardized Problem-Base Learning (PBL) and Team-Based Learning (TBL) teaching techniques for freshman-level GE courses in engineering, beginning with CSU East Bay's ENGR 1011 (Engineering: An Introduction) course. In the past, there has been no standardized curricula for ENGR 1011, as different instructors taught the course in drastically different fashion. The objective of this work is to establish a standard curricula that can be used by all instructors across all quarters of the course. A secondary goal is to track the performance of students in ENGR 1011 across non-technical and technical components of the course.

  • Howard Lei, Department of Engineering
  • Farnaz Ganjeizadeh, Department of Engineering

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

Writing Across the Curriculum: Supporting Student Success in World History Classes

In this project, World Civilizations curriculum will be redesigned to address the needs of lower-performing students, integrating team-based learning strategies for improving reading comprehension and writing mastery within the discipline contest of world history. By focusing our redesign strategy on General Education courses, we hope to address the needs of struggling students relatively early in their college careers, which will have a positive effect on their academic and professional futures, and on University graduation and retention rates.

  • Nancy Park, Department of History

College of Business and Economics

CBE Grad Students: Succeeding in the WST

Our project aims to help our students succeed in the WST and in their graduate courses that require written expression. We will conduct a 1.5 day writing workshop (with one week interval) in the Winter and Spring quarters 2016 respectively. In the workshop, we will use a variety of evidence-based writing instruction pedagogies.

  • Sweety Law, Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • Lan Wu, Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship