Funded Projects 2012-2013


In 2012-2013, ten projects were funded by the PEIL program as either planning or implementation grants. The six planning grants focused on the assessment of student learning and success needs, in ways that could inform CSUEB and its future change efforts. Planning grants had the potential to become future implementation projects. In addition, the four implementation grants, focused on implementing and assessing program-level changes. The following are the 2012-2013 projects which were supported by planning and implementation grants.

PEIL 2012-2013 Week of Scholarship Powerpoint Presentation

Projects Supported by Planning Grants:

Collaboration, Teamwork and Leadership (CTL)

Planning Project identifying effective methods for developing and assessing collaboration, teamwork, and leadership (CTL) capacities and fulfilling the University’s CTL ILO. The project will document CTL qualities preferred by employers, establish best practices for preparing CSUEB students to lead and collaborate in and out of the classroom, and develop recommendations for assessing CTL capacities.

  • Chris Chamberlain, Assistant Professor, Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism
  • Michael Moon, Associate Professor, Public Affairs & Administration
  • Asha Rao, Professor, Management
  • Gretchen Reevy, Lecturer, Psychology
  • Julie Stein, Lecturer, General Education

Collaboration, Teamwork and Leadership White Paper

Freshman Learning Communities

Planning Project to develop innovative and effective pedagogy and student support in CSUEB Freshman Learning Communities (FLCs) resulting in improved retention, academic success, and student motivation. The project will include analysis of existing data, review of FLC best practices, and surveys of FLC faculty and students, with particular attention to the needs of international, at-risk, and remedial students.

  • Sally Murphy, Senior Director, General Education
  • Sartaz Aziz, Lecturer, English
  • Peter Marsh, Assistant Professor, Music
  • Julie Stein, Lecturer, General Education

Freshman Learning Communities White Paper

Games as a Lens for Learning

Planning Project investigating the introduction of games and game-like materials into the curriculum across disciplines. The Project will set out to more closely tie STEM initiatives to the humanities, arts, business, and education; achieve greater student engagement throughgaming-enhanced pedagogy; and positively impact student learning.

  • Gwyan Rhabyt, Professor , Art
  • Phillip Hofstetter, Department Chair, Art
  • Jeanette Bicais, Department Chair, Teacher Education
  • Lonny Brooks, Assistant Professor, Communication
  • Brian McKenzie, Associate Professor, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Game as a Lens for Learning White Paper

Diversity & Social Justice (DSJ)

Planning Project that will map current beliefs, practices, and attitudes at CSUEB surrounding diversity, multiculturalism, equity, and social justice, and develop strategies for implementing the DSJ ILO campus wide. The Project will identify best practices and develop recommendations for implementing programmatic changes promoting DSJ at CSUEB.

  • Julie Beck, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Colleen Fong, Professor, Ethnic Studies
  • Sarah Taylor, Assistant Professor, Social Work
  • E. Maxwell Davis, Assistant Professor, Human Development
  • Ann Fajilan, Associate Professor, Theatre & Dance
  • Derek Jackson Kimball, Department Chair, Physics
  • Enrique Salmon, Associate Professor Ethnic Studies
  • Erica Wildy, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Diversity & Social Justice White Paper

Project GANAS

Planning Project to lay the foundation for becoming a “Highly Effective and Friendly Future Hispanic Serving Institution”. Through collaborative efforts of faculty and staff members, the Project will develop Upper Division GE courses, academic counseling, and mentoring to increase recruitment to CSUEB, improve graduation rates, and improve academic and social support for Latino/a students.

  • Lettie Ramirez, Professor, Teacher Education
  • Luz Calvo, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies
  • Gilberto Arriaza: CEAS, EdLd
  • Evelia Jimenez: AACE
  • Jose Rocha: PEMSA, Enr Dev
  • Diana Balgas: ExDir Ret Services
  • Jesus Diaz-Caballero, Associate Professor, Modern Languages & Literatures

Project GANAS White Paper

Assessing Community Engagement

Planning Project assessing current involvement in community-engaged pedagogy, research, and campus activities. Project objectives include describing student, faculty and staff perspectives of community engagement and identifying barriers that inhibit and facilitators that support implementation of these practices with the goal of developing strategies for increasing community engagement at CSUEB.

  • E. Maxwell Davis, Assistant Professor, Human Development
  • ZáNean McClain, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
  • Luther Strayer, Associate Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Patricia Restaino, Lecturer, General Education
  • Shubha Kashinath, Assistant Professor, Communicative Sciences & Disorders
  • John Eros, Department Chair, Music
  • Xeno Rasmusson, Assistant Professor, Human Development

Assessing Community Engagement White Paper

Projects Supported by Implementation Grants:

Mathematics, Physics & Computation of Music

Implementation Project testing practices that support inquiry-based learning that will change students’ perceptions of knowledge and inquiry. The cohort of interdisciplinary courses will integrate sciences and music to create interactive, multimedia learning modules emphasizing hands-on problem-solving, collaborative environments, math-music performances and research projects.

  • Shirley Yap, Associate Professor, Math & Computer Science
  • William Thibault, Professor, Math & Computer Science
  • Bill Pezzaglia, Lecturer, Physics
  • Jeffrey Miller, Lecturer, Music
  • Tom Bickley, Librarian, Library

Mathematics, Physics & Computation of Music White Paper

Advancement of Sustainability

Implementation Project advancing CSUEB’s sustainability commitments through creation of a Center for Sustainability and development of an interdisciplinary sustainability curriculum and assessment process. Project objectives include advancing campus-wide engagement with sustainability, increasing student knowledge of and experience with sustainability, and preparing students for sustainability careers.

  • Michael Lee, Professor, Geography & Environmental Studies
  • Linda Ivey, Department Chair, History
  • David Bowen, Associate Professor, Engineering
  • Gregory Theyel, Associate Professor, Management
  • Denise Fleming, Associate Professor, Teacher Education
  • Evelyn Munoz, Administrative Analyst, Facilities Planning Design & Construction
  • Ric Williams, Landscape Architect/Sustain Coord FDO - Planning Design & Constr
  • David Schultz: Facilities Management

Transitioning from CalTPA to PACT

Implementation Project involving collaborative development of embedded signature assignments that scaffold candidate learning, placement of student teachers in classrooms where best practices for diverse students are modeled, and implementation of the PACT assessment system. The Project will improve teacher credential candidate preparation and assessment of candidates’ knowledge, skills, and teaching performance.

  • Shira Lubliner: College of Education and Allied Studies, Department of Teacher Education
  • Linda Smetana: College of Education and Allied Studies, Educational Psychology
  • Peg Winkelman: College of Education and Allied Studies, Educational Leadership

Transitioning from CalTPA to PACT

Implementing Interdisciplinary and Innovative Teaching and Learning (i3)

Implementation Project creating an academy to promote interdisciplinary and innovative teaching and learning. Core faculty will design assignments and activities promoting critical thinking, reinforcing crosscutting concepts in science, and applying high-impact learning practices through integration of reading, writing, and information literacy in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and environmental sciences.

  • Caron Inouye: College of Science, Biology
  • Danika LeDuc: College of Science, Chemistry
  • Jeff Seitz: College of Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Jason Singley: College of Science, Physics
  • Erica Wildy: College of Science, Biology
  • Sarah Nielsen: College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences, English
  • Aline Soules: CSU East Bay University Library