Program Information

Our program has a long history of helping students achieve their dream careers in the
health professional fields.


Some highlights of the program

• Two separate academic tracks to better address student’s unique background:

Academic Enhancers: A career enhancement program which allows students to focus on upper division science coursework. Students best suited for this track usually have taken most or all of the lower division science prerequisites, 

Career Changers: A career changer program which allows students to pursue an alternate career path in a health professional field. Students best suited for this track may have yet to complete many of the lower division science prerequisites, have pursued a non-health or non-science career prior to the program, or may want to repeat their prerequisites 

Individualized advising: Our experienced faculty, all of whom teach in the program, hold weekly individualized advising appointments for students.

Small class sizes: our courses are exclusive to program students with class sizes kept at 25 students.

Complete standardized testing support: for MCAT and DAT at a highly subsidized rate.

Personal statement/Application workshop.

Committee letter of recommendation: students that meet minimum requirements, are eligible to request committee letter packets for specific programs.

Numerous clubs/Extracurriculars

For any further inquiries, please contact our office directly via email at: or via phone: (510) 885-4764.

For more information/apply, please visit our university extension website.