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CSUEB Policy Library

Welcome to the CSUEB Policy Library

The policy library is intended to serve as a resource for CSUEB's students, faculty, and staff to research university-wide, division, department and college policies. CSUEB's policies can be searched and sorted by policy title, keyword(s), subject, and area (responsible division). 

How to Search

Search by topic: On the Home tab search by topic or keyword(s) to see all relevant policies
Search by policy title: Select the Title tab and enter a phrase or campus name found in the policy title
Search by area: Select the Area tab and filter by all or part of the area name assigned to a policy. We have configured Areas by Division / Department. 
Search for an exact match: Enclose the search phrase or term on the Home tab in quotation marks (e.g. "Policy Prohibiting Discrimination")
View search results: The search bar displays the top five most relevant results for the search criteria. Click "See all results" for a complete list

Campus Administrative Policies

Campus Administrative Policies (CAP) is the term used for University-wide policies that cover East Bay's administrative structure (as differentiated by Academic Senate policies). They contain locally developed policies, guidelines, and governing regulations; and include information on externally developed laws, rules or regulations under which the University operates. The university executive directives can all be found under the CAP area.

Official Policy template (MS Word)

Official Procedure template (MS Word)


Alternative Formats

If you are having trouble accessing information in the Policy Library or need materials in an alternative format, please contact either of the site administrators below.

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