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Procurement & Support Services

The Procurement Office exists to assist faculty and staff with obtaining the goods and services necessary to support their campus teaching activities, research, and public service requirements.

Protocols for Procuring and Delivering Supplies During the Shelter in Place Directive Due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the “Shelter in Place” directive, we are providing guidance on a variety of Procurement and Shipping & Receiving Issues that need to be disseminated and adhered to by the CSUEB community. We are doing this with the safety and security of our staff and the broader CSUEB community in mind.

Shipping & Receiving

● Shipping & Receiving is open during the directive from 8AM-1PM Monday through Friday.

● For outgoing parcels and mail, please call 510-885-3703 and let the staff know that you are dropping off inter-office mail, mail to be metered and/or packages to be sent. Please remain in your vehicles, and have your trunk open. You will need to show a valid CSUEB ID to show proof of your affiliation.

● For package/mail pickup, please drive to Shipping & Receiving. When you arrive, please wait in your vehicle, call 510-885-3703 and request the mail and or packages that you will be picking up. You will need to show a valid CSUEB ID in order to make a pick-up.

● We will only release Department mail/parcel to the person or persons designated by the Department’s Managers. This will include all certified mail addressed to the Departments.

● Shipping & Receiving shall maintain a log for all parcel(s) pick-ups.

● There is no campus delivery of mail and/or parcels.

● There is no home delivery of campus equipment, mail and/or parcels.

● Minimize mail/shipping activity to reduce the need for pickup/drop off to the extent possible.

Office Supplies

● To the extent possible, we strongly encourage leveraging electronic capabilities (i.e., email, Adobe Sign, Excel, etc.), minimizing the need for printing documents and the toner/ink and paper needed to do so.

●  Printer paper can be accessed through Shipping & Receiving, one ream at a time.

●  Toner / ink purchases will have to be approved on a case by case basis, regardless of previous blanket approvals.

●  D o not make purchases with a personal credit card for work related supplies and expect reimbursement. You may use your P-Card for needed supplies, other than toner / ink and all other items that are not restricted by the P-Card Policy effective March, 2019.

Computer Equipment

●  All needed computer equipment requests necessary to address the “Shelter in Place” directive need to be coordinated through ITS, which includes monitors.

Departmental Resources

UPDATE: CSU Contracts and Procurement Policy -

CSU, East Bay Procurement & Support Services Department is responsible for acquisition of all supplies, equipment, and services for the University. This department is the only office on campus that has the authority to commit purchases and contracts on behalf of the University. No legal commitment of State funds exists without the authority of Procurement & Support Services.

CSU, East Bay WILL NOT be responsible for purchases or other commitments made by individuals who do not have a University-authorized purchase order or contract number. Please do not release merchandise without a purchase order number or perform services without a contract number or fully executed contract.

If assistance is provided to a department in developing bid specifications, designs, layouts, etc., please be aware that it will not guarantee a sale or contract. Award of an order or contract will be made to the lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications. All specifications will be carefully reviewed by Procurement & Support Services to eliminate undue restrictions that would limit competition.

It is the objective of CSU, East Bay to obtain high quality products and services at the best possible price. The highest ethical principles are followed by employees involved in the procurement process. Under no circumstance may vendor/contractor gifts or gratuities be offered in an effort to influence an award.

In accordance with legislative policy, all state agencies are encouraged to promote increased participation in the state's business transactions by Small Businesses and Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises (DVBE). CSU, East Bay is committed to meeting the goals of this program. To qualify for solicitation by CSU, East Bay as a small or veteran-owned business, certification by the Office of Small Business & DVBE Certification (OSDC) is required.

Requisition to Purchase Order Process
basic purchase order process

Overview: Change Order Process

overview of purchasing change order process

Procurement & Support Services

Support Services
Name Position Phone Email
Jon Medwin Director, Procurement & Support Services 510-885-2775 
Public Works
Name Position Phone Email
Chris Lam-Vazquez Contracts Administrator 510-885-7606
Name Position Phone Email
Bhavesh Patel  Buyer 510-885-3842
Thomas Ballinger Buyer 510-885-7483 
Diego Campos Buyer 510-885-3959 

Duplicating Services
Name Position Phone Email
Nickolas Meixner Equipment Systems Specialist 510-885-3715 
Noel Ronquillo Reprographics Specialist 510-885-3715 
Miguel Rivas Reprographics Specialist 510-885-3715 
Support Services
Name Position Phone Email
Dayrll Lewis Manager, Support Services 510-885-2120 
Shipping & Receiving
Name Position Phone Email
Jorge Vallejo Warehouse Worker 510-885-3703 
Bryan Hill Warehouse Worker 510-885-3703 
Vacant Warehouse Worker 510-885-3703
Property Management
Name Position Phone Email
Lisa Booker Property Administrative Analyst 510-885-4291 
Matt O'Keefe Property Clerk 510-885-4256 

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