Workshops & Events

Workshop Offerings

Below is an outline of the most common workshops we offer throughout the year. Workshop offerings are tailored to the needs of our students and offered in response to demand. Interested in one of these topics? Let us know!

Staff are also available to meet individually to work with you on these topics and other aspects of your learning.

Note Taking Strategies
Note taking strategies focuses on incorporating the use of technologies such as the pulse pen, formats for note taking from text and lecture, and tips for taking notes more effectively.

Test Taking Strategies/ Preparing for Finals
This workshop discusses techniques to help students improve their performance on midterms and finals. It reviews study strategies and how to approach different types of exam questions.

Study Strategies
Study Strategies specifically reviews techniques to improve study habits. The workshop covers where to start the studying process, techniques for specific disciplines, and studying for certain types of tests.

Preparing for the WST and UWSR
This four-part workshop series is designed to help students prepare to meet the University Writing Skills Requirement (UWSR), either through the Writing Skills Test (WST) or course option. Designed for students with documented disabilities, these workshops introduce students to the process of requesting accommodations, resources available specifically to students with disabilities, address topics of concern for Project IMPACT students, and review skills needed to successfully master the UWSR in a focused, slow-paced setting.

Introduction to Assistive Technology
Though Project IMPACT offers one-on-one assistive technology assessments and training, it also encourages students to explore the world of assistive technology as well. The program offers Introduction to Assistive technology at least once a year. This workshop offers a broad review of the assistive technologies available in the Private Learning Lab and shows students the basics of Dragon Naturally Speaking, Kurzweil 3000, Inspiration, ZoomText, JAWS, and the Pulse Pen.

Self Advocacy
This crucial workshop presents the topic of self advocacy to Project IMPACT students. Through this workshop, Project IMPACT helps student reflect on the meaning of self advocacy and its historic roots. It Reviewing real-life scenarios, it addresses how to successfully work with faculty, staff and fellow students regarding their disability, how to utilize campus and community resources, and how to carry this vital skill into the workforce.

Preparing for After Graduation
This workshop is designed for Juniors and Seniors who are expecting to graduate within a year. This workshop presents Project IMPACT students with their options post-graduation by reviewing the graduate school application process, tips for entering the workforce, and information on community and campus resources to help them transition.

Discovering You
This workshop is about self discovery. Students will move through exercises to discover more about their personality style, learning style and emotional make up.

Stress Management and Action Planning
Students will explore how they recognize stress, what their personal stressors are. They will create a visual map of their stress mechanisms and identify opportunities to interrupt and redirect themselves. This will help them establish strategies to deal with transitions and personalized corrective actions.

Positive Self-Talk
Students will explore and externalize negative internal messages. We'll make a visual representation of their own personal 'meanie.' We will them explore counter-arguments to their negative messages, how they respond to positive messages, which messages are effective/ineffective and how they might be able to successfully 'argue' with their own internal 'meanie,' or negative voice.

Interpersonal Relationships/Working in Groups and Talking with Professors
This workshop will explore techniques of effective non-violent communication, 'I' statements, feeling statements, being self-revealing, empathetic statements etc. Students will then have the opportunity to brainstorm and practice using these new techniques in real-life interpersonal challenges - especially relating to group work and conflicts with professors.

Emotional Endings
Students will explore the emotional side of things coming to an end. As much as graduating is a great accomplishment and occasion for a lot of excitement, it's also a time when we leave behind people and places that mean a lot to us. We often grieve these losses, without thinking we're really entitled to.

Time Management & Beating Procrastination
Time Management shows students both cutting-edge and traditional tools for managing time, how to approach both long-term and short assignments, as well as daily time management tips and techniques. We also look at why we feel the need to avoid certain tasks and provides students with techniques to use to beat procrastination.

Applying for the FAFSA
This workshop reviews the steps involved in successfully completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA.) It breaks down the often tricky process into easy-to-follow steps.

Applying for Scholarships
This workshop walks students through the Pioneer Scholarships website and their options regarding scholarship applications including obtaining letters of recommendations, writing an effective personal statement, and monitoring the process to meet deadlines.

Creating a Budget/Financial Literacy
This workshop covers the meaning of financial literacy, how to determine a personal budget, tools for tracking income and expenditures, and identifying potential mismanagement of funds.