Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy

CSU Campuses, including CSUEB, became Smoke and Tobacco Free effective September 1, 2017.

The Policy on a Systemwide Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment- Executive Order 1108 can be found. 

The effects of smoking, second hand smoke and tobacco have been well established. It is widely accepted that there are negative health, environmental and economic consequences as the result of smoking and the use of tobacco products. Examples include:


  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Lung and other cancers
  • Chronic bronchitis and emphysema


Cigarette butts contribute a large percentage of California waste and are the source of toxins to our aquatic ecosystems. Additionally, improperly discarded cigarettes, including electronic cigarettes can cause wildfires and house fires.


In addition to the high cost of smoking to the individual smoker, there are significant costs associated with environmental cleanup and heath care expenditures. In creating a smoke and tobacco-free environment on campus, CSUEB hopes to encourage the following:

  • Prevent the usage of tobacco products on campus
  • Encourage current users to quit or decrease use
  • Prevent second hand smoke
  • Prepare students to enter smoke and tobacco-free work environments