Sociology Advising

Making an Advising Appointment

The best way to book an appointment with a Sociology advisor is through Bay Advisor. Instructions for using Bay Advisor can be found here. See the "Sociology Faculty Advisors" section below for your assigned advisor by last name or catalog. (Quarter catalog students should see Dr. Natalie Ingraham). Contact your faculty advisor directly if you have trouble scheduling in Bay Advisor.

For all other departmental questions, please contact us at


Advising Appointments & Office Hours

Advising appointments and office hours are the best way to get to know the Sociology faculty and for us to get to know you. Check out our Advising 101 page for tips on questions to ask during office hours appointments with your professors.

Advising Information

Sociology Faculty Advisors are assigned to Junior and Senior students to help select classes for your Sociology major or minor, discuss graduate school options, or explore career options with a Sociology degree. Freshmen and Sophomore students should see a counselor with Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE), which is linked at the bottom of this page.

*Note: Quarter Catalog Students are students who declared a major or minor in Sociology or began taking upper-division Sociology courses prior to Fall 2018.
Table of assigned advisors by student last name, office hours, and links to make advising appointments in Bay Advisor

Student Last Name

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Office Hours

Bay Advisor Scheduling Link

 A-Be, and all Quarter Students*

 Dr. Natalie Ingraham

 Mon/Wed 3-5pm

 Make an appointment with Dr. Ingraham


 Dr.  Wallis Adams

 Wed 9-11am

 Make an appointment with Dr. Adams


 Dr. Duke Austin

 Tu/Th 3:30-4:30pm

 Make an appointment with Dr. Austin


 Dr. Julie Beck

 Mon 12-1pm

 Make an appointment with Dr. Beck


 Dr. Donny

 Mon 10am-12pm

 Make an appointment with Dr. Donny


 Dr. Jean Lin

 Tu 12-2pm; Wed 3- 
 6pm; Th 1-3pm 

 Make an appointment with Dr. Lin


 Dr. Amara Miller

 Wed 9:30-11:30am

 Make an appointment with Dr. Miller


 Dr. Morgan Sanchez

 Wed 12-2pm

 Make an appointment with Dr. Sanchez


 Dr. Stempel

 Thurs. 2-3 pm

 Make an appointment with Dr. Stempel

Tracking Your Progress with our Self-Help Tools

The following Self Help Tools are designed to help you avoid delays in your progress toward graduation by laying out the sequence of courses that are required to complete your degree. You can access each tool through the links below.


The Sociology Course Checklist contains the Sociology B.A. requirements, all of our courses, and alerts you to prerequisites. We suggest you download it and check off the required courses when you take them.


The Sociology B.A. Recommended Roadmap lists the recommended course sequence for Sociology Majors. If you are a transfer student, start at the Fifth Semester. Note that SOC 300 must be taken in either the Fifth or Sixth Semester, and it must be taken before SOC 390. SOC 390 must then be taken before SOC 499. We recommend you download a copy of the roadmap and keep it handy when planning your schedule. If you wish to deviate from the recommended course sequence, you should definitely speak with your Faculty Advisor, listed above.


The Blank Roadmap can be used to plan your courses. We recommend using it in conjunction with the Sociology Course Checklist and the Sociology B.A. Recommended Roadmap

The Sociology major requires that you complete courses in three areas:

Five Sociology Core Classes (18 units)

  • SOC 100: Intro to Sociology (Take Freshman or Sophomore year at CSUEB or at Community College)
  • STAT 100: Elem Stats & Probability (Take Freshman or Sophomore year at CSUEB or at Community College)
  • SOC 300: Sociological Theory (SOC 100 is a prerequisite; Take Junior year in Fall or Spring)
  • SOC 390: Sociological Research Methods (STAT 100 & SOC 300 are prerequisites; Take Senior year in Fall)
  • SOC 499: Sociology Capstone Project (SOC 390 is a prerequisite; Take Senior year in Spring)
    • Note: You cannot take Methods and Capstone in the same semester.

Two Diversity and Social Justice (DSJ) Courses (8 units)

  • As the name suggest, the Diversity and Social Justice (DSJ) courses emphasize race, class, and gender diversity while exploring social justice in those areas.
  • Many DSJ courses also fulfill D4 and Overly Requirements for General Education. SOC 100 is required for all DSJ courses. Take DSJ courses your Junior and Senior year.

Four Sociology Electives (16 units)

  • Sociology Electives are any 300- or 400- level Sociology course, including DSJ courses. Some Sociology Electives fulfill Overlay Requirements for General Education.
  • SOC 100 is required for all Sociology Electives. Take Sociology Electives your Junior and Senior year.