Tips to Plan Your Welcome Day

Welcome Day Tips & Tricks

Make the most out of your Welcome Day with these 6 simple suggestions:

1. Prioritize your day based on your needs. Reference the list of departments and campus map in this program as resources.

2. To get the most from your day, have each family member/guest attend different presentations and flash classes.

3. Flash classes and presentations will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so be prepared for classrooms to reach capacity early.

4. Visit the University Showcase to learn about the many resources available to future Pioneers and to meet Cal State East Bay staff and students.

5. Go on a tour!. Campus tours, self-guided Housing tours, CORE, Recreation and Wellness Center (RAW) tours will be available.

6. Attend the special events that apply to you, get additional information, and network at today’s presentations!