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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal and state regulations require that students be making progress toward the successful completion of a degree program to receive funding. Students applying for aid and those receiving financial aid, must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.  Satisfactory Academic Progress is evaluated at the end of every semester.  

Please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

  • Grades F, NC, IC, W, and WU are not considered as passing grades (successfully completed credits).   
  • Transfer credits do not count towards your Satisfactory Academic Progress GPA, but they will count towards your maximum unit timeframe limits. 
  • Repeat coursework: Financial aid is available for the first repeat of any previously passed course (D or better received).  Each attempt at a course is factored into the Pace of Progression and the timeframe allowance.  

How do I remain eligible for financial aid?

Minimum GPA Requirement

You must successfully meet the minimum cumulative GPA as shown below:

Grade Level Term and Cumulative GPA Required
Undergraduate  2.0
Graduate/Credential 3.0


  • Undergraduate students that do not have a 2.0 Cumulative GPA at the end of their 2 year (5th Term) will automatically be suspended from financial aid. 
  • Completed courses, failed courses, developmental/remedial courses, and repeated courses are counted within the SAP GPA calculation. Transfer credits are not included in the GPA calculation. 

Pace of Progression

You must continue to make progress toward graduation by successfully completed 67% of the units attempted.  You will be evaluated based on your overall pace and your semester pace of progression.  Failure to maintain both a cumulative and semester pace above 67% may result in a loss of aid eligibility.  

Pace of progression = Total units that you received a passing grade (D or better) for the semester / Total units enrolled for the semester

Below are examples of how a student would meet or not meet the Pace of Progression standards for SAP

Student A: Enrolls in 15 units for the semester and receives a passing grade in 12 units.  To calculate the Pace of Progression, divide 12 units / 15 units = 80% Pace of Progression.  Since the Pace of Progression is greater than 67%, the student meets the requirement. 

Student B: Enrolls in 15 units for the semester and receives a "W" grade from 10 units.  To calculate the Pace of Progression, divide 5 units / 15 units = 33% Pace of Progression.  Since the Pace of Progression is less than 67%, the student does not meet the requirement. 

To meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, Cal State East Bay sets a maximum timeframe in which you are expected to finish your academic program.  Accumulation of excess units results in not meeting timeframe standards. 

Academic Program Maximum Number of Units
Baccalaureate Degree 180
Credential 100% of required units
TED/SPED 125% of required units
Master's Degree 100% of required units
Doctorate 100% of required units


  • In the event it is determined that a student will mathematically not be able to complete their academic program within the maximum time frame, the student will be automatically suspended from financial aid. 
  • Transfer credits are included in the calculation of the maximum unit timeframe.

Appealing for Financial Aid Reconsideration

If you lose financial aid eligibility because you did not meet the satisfactory academic progress standards, you may regain eligibility for aid in the following ways:

  1. Submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form with supporting documentation.  The financial aid appeal form can be completed online.  To start your appeal, you will need to log-in the online forms tool using your NetID and password.  
  2. Complete a term on your own using your own resources with at least half-time enrollment.  The courses must count towards your academic degree program and you must meet SAP standards for the term.  If you are able to meet SAP standards, you can submit the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form to have your aid eligibility reconsidered. 


SAP Appeal Deadlines: 

Fall 2018 Semester:  September 1, 2018

Spring 2019 Semester:  February 2, 2019

Summer 2019 Semester:  June 7, 2019

*Appeals received after the published deadlines will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Students are encouraged to submit their appeals prior to the semester deadlines to ensure timely processing of their appeal.   

What happens after my appeal is approved?

If your appeal is approved, we will reinstate your financial aid for the following terms.  You will receive a formal notice of the conditions of your reinstatement and will be placed on a Probation Status.  In order to remain eligible for aid, you will need to meet SAP standards for the next term you enroll in at Cal State East Bay.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of aid eligibility for future terms.     

What happens if my appeal is denied?

All decisions by the Appeals Committee are final.  If your appeal is denied, your aid will stay in a Suspended Status.  After you have demonstrated Satisfactory Academic Progress, you can re-appeal to have your aid reinstated.  

SAP Terms

Warning Status

You will be eligible to receive financial aid while on Warning Status.  You will be placed on Warning Status the first time you fail to meet SAP requirements.  If you continue to not meet SAP standards while on a Warning Status, you will be placed on Suspension Status and will not be eligible to receive aid.  

Suspension Status 

If you do not meet SAP requirements or if you exceed the maximum timeframe of 150% of the published degree length, you will be placed on financial aid suspension.  

While on suspension you are not eligible for most financial aid programs.  Exceptions include some private loan programs.  You must check with your private loan lender to determine if they offer loans to students not meeting SAP requirements.  

To regain aid eligibility, you may submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal.  

Probation Status

If your Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal is approved, you will be placed on Probation Status.  You are eligible for financial aid while on Probation Status.  If you fail to meet SAP requirements while on Probation Status, you will not be eligible to re-appeal until you have met SAP requirements.   

Academic Plan

If your appeal is approved and it is determined that you will not be able to achieve SAP requirements within the subsequent semester, you may be placed on an academic plan until you are able to meet SAP requirements.

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