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About MESA


Cal State East Bay MESA´s mission is to develop all students, especially those from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, with the knowledge and skills that will enhance their interest and prepare them for professions requiring degrees in engineering, and other mathematics and science-based fields.

Locally, MESA functions as a partnership between California State University, East Bay, area schools, school districts, industries, and professional organizations. We serve students in 6th through 12th grades. Major elements of the program include:

  • Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW): These are workshops where students are scheduled in core classes and taught how to maintain high academic standards through group study.
  • Individual Academic Plans (IAP) – Are used for MSP counselors to monitor individual student progress.
  • MESA Periods: Provide a regular designated time during the school day for MESA Advisors (usually math or science teachers) to implement the new MSP model components.
  • MESA Day: A day when students compete for awards in hands-on math, science, Engineering and English activities at local and regional levels.
  • Career and College Exploration: Student are given the opportunity through field trips to industry and college sites, opportunities to hear guest speakers from the industry, etc. Provides an opportunity for the student to gain knowledge about different careers.
  • Parent Leadership training: This training is an opportunity where parents learn how to become effective advocates for their children's academic success.
  • Incentive Awards: This Awards opportunity allows students to receive cash and non-cash awards for outstanding academic achievements, participation, and leadership.
  • Study Skills Training: Allows students at all levels to learn the most effective techniques for academic achievement.
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