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Academic Access, Enhancement and Excellence


Established by Executive Order 1066, the CSUEB Academic Access, Enhancement and Excellence Fee (A2E2) facilitates student retention, success, and workforce development through five major initiatives funded and assessed on a yearly basis:

College A2E2

Supporting courses and programs in academic colleges.

University-wide Activities and Programs (UAP)

Supporting high-impact programs and services for students across the university.

Device Voucher (DEV)

Supporting the individual purchase of a learning device for eligible students.

FY 2022: College A2E2

The College A2E2 Portal is now open for the FY 2022 fiscal year. Visit

A2E2 Advisory Committee

Faculty Representatives

  • Maria Ortuoste, Committee co-chair
    Professor and Department Chair
    Political Science, CLASS
  • Surendra Sarnikar
    Management, CBE
  • Paul Carpenter
    Professor and Department Chair
    Kinesiology, CEAS
  • Daisy Muralles
    University Library
  • Chris Baysdorfer
    Biological Sciences, CSCI

Student Representatives

  • Anjelica de Leon
    Associated Students Incorporated
  • Kabir Dhillon
    Executive Vice President
    Associated Students Incorporated
  • Mirna Maamou
    Vice President of Finance
    Associated Students Incorporated
  • Jose Simon Carmona
    Vice President of University Affairs
    Associated Students Incorporated
  • Zaira Perez
    Vice President of Communications
    Associated Students Incorporated

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