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Academic Access, Enhancement and Excellence


Established by Executive Order 1066, the CSUEB Academic Access, Enhancement and Excellence Fee (A2E2) facilitates student retention, success, and workforce development through five major initiatives funded and assessed on a yearly basis:

College A2E2

Supporting courses and programs in academic colleges.

University-wide Activities and Programs (UAP)

Supporting high-impact programs and services for students across the university.

Device Voucher (DEV)

Supporting the individual purchase of a learning device for eligible students.

New for FY 2020: College A2E2

Since 2011, funding from the Academic Access, Enhancement and Excellence Fee (A2E2) has enhanced courses, activities, and student research in College courses and programs. In an effort to maximize its impact, while providing ample flexibility of use, Instructional and Research Equipment Enhancement (IREE), Enhanced Course Learning (ECL), and Enhanced Instructionally Related Activities (EIRA) are being consolidated into a single initiative: College A2E2. This initiative is intended to further student success by enhancing coursework and programs through funding that is more flexible in its use for both.

For more information on this change, see the memo from February 17, 2020.

For application instructions and timeline, access the College A2E2 request portal using the link below.

Access the College A2E2 Request Portal

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