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General Accounting collectively organizes the University's transactional data in order to provide managerial and operational information to the University's administration, CSU Chancellor's Office, and State Controller's Office.


Fiscal Year-End Announcements
As the university approaches fiscal year-end, June 30, 2020, Financial Services would like to remind the campus that effective financial oversight is the result of reviews and reconciliations occurring throughout the year.

Special COVID-19 Comments:
● Please follow the criteria regarding the coding of directly related COVID-19 activities, which was emailed on March 30th entitled “New Project Code for Coronavirus Related Expenses”.
● We recognize that closing the books this year may prove more challenging than a typical year. If you have extraordinary issues that will prevent your department from closing accurately, please reach out to the appropriate contact person listed below as soon as possible. We are happy to work with you to talk about a solution. Note that the year-end close deadlines currently remain unchanged so we will need to seek innovative and collaborative solutions.

Year-round activities (performed on a regular basis and more frequently as year-end approaches):
● Encumbrances and POs: Review balances to ensure accuracy, working with buyers as needed.
● Fund and DeptID balance reviews: Review fund, DeptID, or other chartfield account string to ensure accuracy.
● Requisitions: Processing time of requisitions vary greatly, depending on its complexity and scope. For a standard requisition, the processing time is approximately 10 business days.
● Accounts Payable: Processing time for accounts payable varies depending on the completeness of
documentation and volume of campus submissions. A typical turn-around for AP invoices, check requests, STLS payments, and travel claims are 10 business days.
● Accounts Receivable Billing Requests: CSUEB invoice requests are permitted to be issued only from the Student Finance office. Processing time is generally 10 business days.

Year-end reminders:
● P-Card transactions posted to the US Bank statement by May 26th will be included in the current fiscal year. These P-Card transactions will be the last ones to record for the year and consist mostly of May transactions.
● Certify’s university-paid expenses (i.e., air travel, Enterprise Car Rental, etc.) should be processed timely. Please check your Certify wallet for unclaimed expenses. Any unclaimed company credit card transactions posted through June 30th will be accrued by Accounting and included with June expenses. This will include expenses incurred for planned trips occurring in the next fiscal year.
● Transactions or requests received by the cut-off dates allow for normal processing times and inclusion within the current fiscal year. Any items received after the due dates will be processed as time permits.
● Close Open POs that are now complete and/or reduce Open POs, accurately reflecting the true remaining balance. Please contact Procurement to coordinate. As a reminder, this is an ongoing activity that should be conducted throughout the year.

June 8, 2020 – Monday:
● New requisitions received after this date will be coded for the new fiscal year.
● Procurement will begin closing all current fiscal year (FY19-20) blanket POs.
● Submit final expenditure transfers, budget transfers, and payroll adjustment requests.
June 30, 2020 –Tuesday:
● The Cashier’s Office will discontinue processing FY19-20 activity as of 1:00 P.M.

Please contact the following persons with any questions or concerns:
Kim Napoli - General Accounting or Accounts Payable (
Monique Cornelius – Budget Office (
Jon Medwin – Procurement Office (
Flo Olney – Student Finance and Cashiers Office (

New Project Code for Coronavirus Related Expenses

Due to the continued Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the university is required to report the financial impact of the university’s response to the outbreak.  To facilitate multiple reporting requirements, a project code has been established:  EMR001.  The usage of this project code must meet the expense criteria listed below.

EMR001 expense criteria:

  • Directly related to Cal State East Bay’s COVID-19 response
  • Would not have been incurred if the COVID-19 outbreak had not taken place
  • Incurred within the timeframe of the outbreak
  • Must be deemed necessary and reasonable, sufficiently documented, and properly authorized
Please use this project code with your primary department ID and fund number for costs eligible as defined above. 
Please note that there are no changes to the university’s standard financial operating procedures and policies as it relates to the COVID-19 response. 
As the situation unfolds, we will monitor the financial impacts and work with department units that incur significant costs. 

For further questions, please contact

Departmental Resources

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Marissa Fournier Lead Accountant

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General Accounting

Donna Arredondo Accountant

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State Financial Aid

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Joy Lai Accountant

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Jomelie Cala Accountant

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Grants and Contracts


Other University General Accounting functions

Dan Huffenberger Accountant

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Asset Management

Other University General Accounting Functions

Elaine Tayag Accountant

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Bank Reconciliations

Escheat Checks

Federal Financial Aid

Other University General Accounting functions

Jacqueline Mamaril Accounting Technician

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Education Foundation

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Rowena Rili Accounting Technician

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General Accounting Support
Hoa Dong Accounting Technician

Phone: 510-885-4389


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