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Accounts Payable

About Us

The goal of the Accounts Payable Department is to disburse payments, in an accurate and timely manner while ensuring compliance with CSUEB and CSU policies and guidelines, as well as State and Federal laws and regulations. Activities include payments to vendors for goods and services, processing reimbursements, training and administration of the Procurement Credit Card (PCard) Program, providing supporting documentation for annual audits, providing travel and moving information to the campus community, submission of AP sales/use tax and issuing annual 1099-Misc forms.

Urgent Information about Shelter-in Place Order

  •  Accounts Payable reimbursement checks will be mailed out to employees, and will not be available for pick up at the Cashier’s Office until further notice.  All other payments will be mailed as usual.
  • The Accounts Payable department will continue to process invoices remotely.  As a result, approvals will still be required. Electronic approvals will be accepted via Adobe Sign or other similar electronic signature tools. Note: Effective April 7th, email approvals will no longer be accepted. For instructions, click here.
  • For questions related to Accounts Payable, please reach out to your AP Technician, or you can email Lana Lewis:


In response to COVID-19, the Accounts Payable department has converted a number of forms to Adobe Sign. Below is a recap of these process improvements.

In Adobe Sign please select Use a WorkFlow and then choose the desired document:

  • AP - Invoice Approval Form

The Invoice Approval workflow is used when the department is in possession of the original invoice. It will route to the appropriate delegation of authority for approval and will then route to the Accounts Payable department. Please be sure to keep the original invoice in the department.

 Important note - we require vendor invoices to be directly sent to the Accounts Payable office. Please reach out to the vendor to change the recipient address to Accounts Payable.

  •  AP - Short Term Limited Scope

The campus departments will initiate this form to the vendor. It will then automatically route to Procurement and Accounts Payable.

As a reminder, the STLS form is used when independent contractors and/or individuals are performing work for less than $5,000.  As a reminder, the STLS form can only be used for paying individuals and not companies or partnerships. 

  • AP – Vendor Data Record Form (VDR)

When working with a vendor who needs a VDR, the campus representative needs to inquire whether the vendor's organization has an identifying FEIN number or will be using a social security number identification (common for independent contractors, student payments, etc.). 

-          If a FEIN number will be reported, the campus representative may send the VDR form (Adobe Version) available on the Accounts Payable website directly to the vendor. This will only be used when there is no Level 1 data or personal identifiable information (i.e., used for corporations, partnerships, etc.). 

-          If Level 1 data or social security number will be provided, the campus department will need to email to make such a request. The only information that the campus representative will include in their request is the vendor's email address. General Accounting will then send the secure VDR request out to the vendor to electronically complete. Note that the campus representative will be copied on the communication. 

  •  AP - STD261 Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business

In accordance with State Policy (S.A.M. 0753 & 0754) approval is requested to use privately owned vehicles to conduct official State business.

  • AP - Check Request Form

The check request form can be used for smaller purchases, if unable to purchase on a Pcard. Please refer to the check request guideline for full details. This form will automatically route to the Accounts Payable department. See the Check Request Guidelines for further information.

  • FS – Travel Authorization Form

Domestic and International Travelers must receive authorization to travel.

For questions, please reach out to your AP Technician, or you can email Lana Lewis at

New Project Code for Coronavirus Related Expenses

Due to the continued Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the university is required to report the financial impact of the university’s response to the outbreak.  To facilitate multiple reporting requirements, a project code has been established:  EMR001.  The usage of this project code must meet the expense criteria listed below.

EMR001 expense criteria:

  • Directly related to Cal State East Bay’s COVID-19 response
  • Would not have been incurred if the COVID-19 outbreak had not taken place
  • Incurred within the timeframe of the outbreak
  • Must be deemed necessary and reasonable, sufficiently documented, and properly authorized
Please use this project code with your primary department ID and fund number for costs eligible as defined above. 
Please note that there are no changes to the university’s standard financial operating procedures and policies as it relates to the COVID-19 response. 
As the situation unfolds, we will monitor the financial impacts and work with department units that incur significant costs.

For further questions, please contact

Accounts Payable reimbursement checks will be mailed out to employees, and will not be available for pick up at the cashier’s office until further notice. All other payments will be mailed as usual. Accounts Payable department will continue to process invoices remotely. As a result, approvals will still be required; however, electronic approvals will be accepted (i.e., Adobe sign, email, etc.)

For questions related to Accounts Payable, please reach out to your AP Technician, or you can email Lana Lewis,

Effective immediately and through May 31, 2020, all international and non-essential domestic travel has been suspended. Previously approved travel authorizations for travel between now and May 31, 2020, are revoked. In light of this announcement, the university would like to provide additional guidelines around travel.

In the rare instance, travel could be deemed essential, submit a written justification to your supervisor along with the travel authorization form. Supervisors must carefully review requests with a focus on employee and community safety. Requests for essential travel must be approved by the Division Vice President with final approval by the President. If approved, all standard travel policies and procedures must be followed. Important Travel Cancellation Guidelines
For further questions contact Lana Lewis at or at x52854.

Departmental Resources

When using the Adobe Sign version, please select from USE A WORKFLOW.

Note that forms begin with the letters AP (e.g., AP-Check Request Form).

Having trouble opening a form? Right click on form link: Click on "Save link As..." ; Open downloaded form with Adobe Reader 9.1 (or higher) or Adobe Pro.

Having trouble opening a form? Right click on form link: Click on "Save link As..." ; Open downloaded form with Adobe Reader 9.1 (or higher) or Adobe Pro.

For any further questions, please contact the Accounts Payable department directly for additional assistance.

Accounts Payable Duties 

Travel (By Last Name) and Purchase Orders (By Name of Vendor)

Tammy Heard                   A-H
Christina Crosby               I-N

Angie Trujillo                    O-U         (Any Vendor That Contains a Number, Goes to Angie for Processing)
Anna Bento                        V-Z

International/Moving Relocation Travel Claims

Teresa Escobar 

Check Requests

Tammy Heard                  A-L
Angie Trujillo                   M-Z

STLS Forms

Christina Crosby       

P-Card/Travel Cards

Teresa Escobar             A-L
Anna Bento                    M-Z

Contact Information 

Phone & Email 

Tammy Heard 


Accounting Technician 


Phone: 510-885-2830


Angie Trujillo 


Accounting Technician


Phone: 510-885-3807


Christina Crosby 


Accounting Technician


Phone: 510-885-2704


Anna Bento 


Accounting Technician


Phone: 510-885-4386


Teresa Escobar 


Accounting Technician


Phone: 510-885-3637


Celestina Coleman 


Accounting Technician


Phone: 510-885-3277



It is the policy of the California State University (CSU) that reimbursement for hospitality expenses are appropriate, reasonable and serve a clear purpose consistent with the mission and fiduciary responsibilities of the CSU. This policy governs the manner and extent to which the CSU and its auxiliaries may provide hospitality to its employees, students, donors, guests, and volunteers. For more information, please refer to the Policies and Procedures section above.

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