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M.S. Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration, Plan B


The Master of Science in Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration, Plan B, is a course-based program that culminates in the Comprehensive Exam and Review Paper as the capstone experience. For a detailed description of the program and requirements, refer to the University Catalog.

Degree Roadmap

View pdf version here.

M.S. Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration, Plan B Roadmap

Year 1 Fall

CHEM 651 Graduate Physical Chemistry (3)
CHEM 641 Graduate Biochemistry (3)
CHEM 470 Chemical Literature (1)
University Writing Skills Requirement

Year 1 Spring

CHEM 631 Graduate Organic Chemistry (3)
CHEM 642 Protein Chemistry Techniques (3)
CHEM 680 Seminar (1)

Year 2 Fall

CHEM 420 Instrumental Analysis (3)
CHEM 680 Seminar (1)

Year 2 Spring

CHEM 692 Comprehensive Exam (2)
CHEM 693 Review Paper (2)


Complete a minimum of 8 units from the following electives. No more than 2 units of CHEM 681 may be included. Electives must be approved by the Graduate Advisor.

CHEM 445 Protein Structure (3)
CHEM 446 Nucleic Acid Chemistry (3)
CHEM 447 Major Organ Biochemistry (3)
CHEM 621 Molecular Spectroscopy (3)
CHEM 652 Computational Chemistry (3)
CHEM 681 Research (1-2)
CHEM 697 Issues in Chemistry (3)

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