Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Chemistry



The Department offers the following courses of study for the Master of Science in Chemistry:

Plan A requires a University Thesis based on original research with a faculty mentor, while Plan B involves completion of a literature review paper and passing terminal written and oral exams. For a detailed description of all Chemistry and Biochemistry programs and requirements, please refer to the University Catalog.


Opportunities for faculty-mentored research are available for students pursuing the Plan A option. A summary of research activities within the Department can be found in the faculty profile pages.

Awards for tuition, travel, and supplies are available from the Center for Student Research. Award recipients present their research at the annual Cal State East Bay Student Research Symposium, and may be selected to participate in the system-wide CSU Research Competition.


An undergraduate degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or related discipline is required. Applicants should also meet the University graduate admission requirements, and international applicants may also need to demonstrate English language proficiency.


Anne Kotchevar, Professor and Graduate Coordinator