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B.A. Biochemistry, Chemistry Education Concentration


The Bachelor of Arts degree, major in Biochemistry with an option in Chemistry Education, is designed for students interested in a career teaching chemistry at the high-school level. This program prepares graduates to enter a single subject credential program; it is also compatible with the Bachelor’s Plus Early Pathway program, which allows completion of both the Bachelor’s degree and a teaching credential in four years. For a detailed description of the program and requirements, refer to the University Catalog.

Degree Roadmap

View pdf version here.

B.A. Biochemistry Education Roadmap

Year 1 Fall

CHEM 111 General Chemistry I (5)
MATH 130 Calculus I (4)
General Elective (GE)

Year 1 Spring

CHEM 112 General Chemistry II (5)
MATH 131 Calculus II (3)
General Elective (GE)

Year 2 Fall

CHEM 331 Organic Chemistry I (5)
BIOL 140A Principles of Cell & Molecular Biology (5)
General Elective (GE)

Year 2 Spring

CHEM 332 Organic Chemistry II (5)
BIOL 140B Principles of Organismal Biology (5)
CHEM 220 Quantitative Analysis (4)
General Elective (GE)

Year 3 Fall

CHEM 441 Biochemistry I (4)
PHYS 125 Principles of Physics I (4)
GEOL 100 Earth Systems Science (4)
General Elective (GE)

Year 3 Spring

CHEM 442 Biochemistry II (4)
PHYS 126 Principles of Physics II (4)
General Elective (GE)

Year 4 Fall

CHEM 443 Biochemistry Laboratory I (3)
CHEM 350 Biophysical Chemistry (3)
TED 301 Exploring Education (3)
General Elective (GE)

Year 4 Spring

CHEM 470 Chemical Literature (1)
CHEM 425 Environmental Chemistry (4)
PHIL 335 Philosophy of Science (3)
General Elective (GE)

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