First Year Students - registering for classes

First Year Students - CLASS Cohorts

As a first year student in CLASS, for your first semester you will be enrolled in three of your required courses to ensure you get the spots you need!  The first year students in our college are broken into six groups -- cohorts -- by major field. You will take three classes with your cohort during your first semester, including your freshman composition course (A2) and another lower division GE. All of these courses are required -- this path will steer you immediately towards graduation! You will have plenty of time to dig into your major as well, getting to know your field and your faculty.

As one of your assigned courses, every first year student will take CLAS 105: CLASS Acts!: Navigating the First year Experience (2 units). This course covers a general education requirement (E) while helping you figure out how to make your way around campus and survive that first year!  Here you will find a community, a homebase and mentors (both faculty and other students) to help you sail through your first year at East Bay. CLAS 105 is taught by university faculty who have a special interest in helping students acclimate to the campus while introducing the college’s aim to promote social justice values and and explore the ways in which you can apply your passion and have an impact on the world around you.

Any questions? Ask your main advisor, found in The Bay AdvisorThey can help you choose your other classes as well!